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Face Haus the Leaders in Facial Bars Open at the USC Village

By August 18, 2018March 3rd, 2021No Comments

 Face Haus was co-founded in 2013 by good friends Karey Burke (EVP Programming and Development at Freeform), Dawn Olmstead (Co-President of Universal Cable Productions and Wilshire Studios) and Jenn Worley, (Current Face Haus Chief Creative Officer). While growing both kids and lucrative careers, the powerhouse, working moms were inspired by one daughter’s ‘first facial’ party that broke the bank. They realized there were no good, affordable skincare options for teens, men, or busy women. The trio brought on a team of superstar estheticians and Face Haus’ exclusive consulting dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer (known for making celebrity faces glow- Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen to name a few). Lancer oversaw and supported the creation of efficient, power-packed treatment protocols to deliver their user-friendly menu using renowned Lancer products and luxury skincare line Eminence Organics; a line that the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has recently raved about. Using top-tier skincare brands and innovative technology in conjunction with their commitment to accessibility is what sets Face Haus apart from the rest. At $65 for all signature facials, their cohort of treatments also includes affordable add-ons and the special “United We Smooth” facial designed by Dr. Lancer that incorporates exclusively Lancer products and microderm abrasion.

Face Haus is thrilled to “Open Haus” in their newest location at USC Village August 20th, making it their fourth skincare shop to open within Southern California. Face Haus has gained momentum as the revolutionary facial bar that provides superb quality “facials for the people”, without compromising quality and ensuring both accessibility and zero intimidation. Its open concept, fresh modern design, good vibes playlist and open-minded stance attract a diverse clientele and will now embrace the University and DTLA set at the beautiful new USC Village. Located in the new USC Village, which is over 104,000 sq., is a premiere destination for all faculty, students, alumni, locals, and neighboring DTLA communities to visit for shopping, dining, and pampering. The USC Village is a milestone in the history of the university, USC Village represents the finest traditions of immersive learning in the Oxford model of residential colleges combined with contemporary social amenities. Whether you’re local, visiting, or part of the USC community, there’s something for everyone at USC Village.

Students now have it all, a block away from campus, brands such as; Nail Garden, Face Haus,  Workshop Salon & Boutique, and even an Amazon Shipping location. Visitors really have all they need to maintain their beauty maintenance needs for pleasure. Do good brands are here for the new consumer, and these hard-working student who appreciates “do good, good for you” services. Face Haus is just that brand. Face Haus offers high quality and affordable skincare “for the people.” Once you step into the clean, hip, Scandinavian modern space, you will know you’ve found something cool. From the fresh playlist to the high-end skincare lines and highly trained estheticians, you know your money and time will be well spent. Our Estheticians are the Face Haus foundation, and their workings and skill within the space is what has allowed the longevity of Face Haus to expand and continue our ethos. Matthew Garcia of Face Haus Esthetician educator gave us some back to school skin care tips and acne prevention for all, in addition to becoming or continuing a Face Haus Fan.


  1. Tell us how a college student within the ages of 18-23 can best care for their skin?

MG: Establish a good skincare routine with products suited for your skin type and stick with it. Even if it is as simple as 3 steps. Consistency is key!

  1. What changes are we seeing with this age group today?

MG: College students are a lot more aware of their skin. They are savvier to dietary and lifestyle choices that all contribute to overall wellness and are keen to treat their skin in the same way.

  1. What service would you recommend to a college student and why?

MG: A good place to start would be the Haus Special with Power to the Pores add-on. This facial is a great introduction to our menu because it provides all the components needed to see professional results in an efficient way. Includes moderate exfoliation, thorough extractions (manual blackhead removal), and supremely hydrating treatment masque. It also includes our oxygen blast to kill bacteria and further soothe and nourish providing an overall radiant glow!

  1. What home care for skin would you recommend to a student?

MG: Definitely a good cleanser to clean out dirt and excess oil. I would also recommend a good exfoliant to be used 2 to 3 times per week which will slough off dead skin cells and provide a healthier glow. Lastly, a moisturizer with SPF will provide protection.

  1. What services at Face Haus are best for males?

MG: Our Best Man facial is great for a guy who wants to treat his skin but may not know exactly what he needs. We will do a good skin analysis and consultation and provide a treatment suitable for his skin type/concerns. We also give professional recommendations for home care. Our Buff Love (Microdermabrasion) add-on is also really popular with guys to professional smooth out skin tone and texture.

  1. What services are best for females?

MG: All of our facials would be great for females, but a highlight would have to be the Bright Side, which is rich in vitamin C and E to help bright and even out skin tone. Add to this the Lip, Laugh, Love lip treatment which provides a gentle exfoliation and plumping effect. Delivers remarkable results!

  1. What service would you recommend a student with acne to partake in at Face Haus and how often?

MG: Our Spotless Reputation facial addresses the concerns of acne prone skin with products containing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide a calm, clear result.

  1. While it is summer, and the craze is “back to school” what back to school skin prep would you recommend and what will this achieve?

MG: Meet with a skin expert to address any concerns and let them educate you on what your skin needs. Then make a commitment to follow advice for home care and how frequently you should be receiving professional treatments. Making skin a priority will make a dramatic difference long term.

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