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Brand owner Ekin Ozlen found her passion as a businesswoman, singer, and performer. Having been a veteran of the New York modeling industry for years, she eventually turned towards hair care when her stepmother started to experience health issues. Married to a plastic surgeon, she became very entrenched in the beauty space, helping her husband build his practice out and dealing with skin recovery processes. She started understanding how the skin works. healing and downtime and how to minimize it.

She and her stepmom, a cosmetic chemist joined forces and helped bring Keracell to life. Improving people’s skin and hair, and increasing their confidence. Before she knew it, she had created a formula that was so effective that she was met with unbelievable demand, and would see this turn into her full-time livelihood.

We had a great time chatting with Ekin and getting to know more about her and her brand Keracell.


What infused the backbone of your brand?

“People get so insecure about their hair, I can speak for myself first hand from having acne, or cellulite, all of these things as a model affects your bottom line. if your skin or hair is not right, you’re not going to book jobs, you’re not going to make money. It starts to become omnipotent. It’s the separating factor when it comes to being a professional model. The main factor is do they have great skin or do they not have great skin? How much work are we going to have to do with editing? This is how the art director thinks and that’s a deciding factor on how you get chosen. All of that kinda just collided for me, and helped me create the idea of Keracell.”


How did you take your brand from the idea stages to where it’s at now?

“I really started with my own experiences and pitfalls of buying skincare products that were not effective, and then I suffered from acne throughout my teenage years into my twenties. It never really went away until I got my skin balanced. I wasn’t able to do that until I started using stem cell-based skin care products because they really normalize your skin a lot differently than any other skincare product I have ever used.”


What is your go-to product?

“I love everything Tom Ford. If we’re not talking my brand, I’m a Tom Ford junkie. I love all the eyeliners, they’re dual tipped, one is really small, the other is a little bit larger. I love a cat eye, that’s huge for me.

I can not live without our Hair and Scalp Revitalizing Spray and which’s an anti-hair loss spray. It anchors the follicle and halts the shedding process and promotes new growth. It’s fantastic and I love that product. I absolutely love our Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum, prior to makeup application, I have to put that serum on. It makes your skin completely flawless. It fills any lines, wrinkles, or pores and it has this really velvety finish and its brightening and firming at the same time. I’m proud to say it’s a stabilized Vitamin C, were proud to say that our serum will never turn gunky, or brownish residue.”


What are some steps for healthy hair?

“I recommend a wide-tooth comb, a lot of people drag their hairbrush from their hairline down. All of my clients ask why their hair loss is in the crown area, and from hormonal shifts in our body, to stress, it’s almost always in the crown area. It’s so important to be mindful of that area, and how you’re touching your hair. My husband gets out of the shower and I sometimes see him towel drying his hair hard and I’m like “no!!!!” Please, set your self up for success, don’t be so rough on the hair strands. I always tell my clients to buy a wide-tooth comb, when you’re using a leave-in conditioner please be mindful if you’re hair is wet it’s in its most fragile state, the other thing is to get a Mason Pearson brush. They are OG, they’ve been around forever. They’re a great brush that’s so gentle on the hair. Last thing, get a satin pillowcase. It really helps to not pull on the hair when you’re sleeping.”


Winter Morning and nighttime skincare routine?

“We have an Overnight Sleeping Beauty Mask, its CBD, and human stem cell extract and it is my favorite thing to do at night. It actually helps you sleep better. Its promoting sleep because the CBD within and the human stem cell extract is going in and nourishing and restoring. It’s a fabulous mask because it doesn’t get on your sheets! Our products actually absorb into your skin. It gives you that boost and hydration and it doesn’t get messy.”


What is some advice you tell your clients that helps with product absorption in the skin?

“I have an amazing Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub. It’s also a part of our CBD line. It’s a great everyday face wash. For just a few min while you’re showering it lifts off all the dead skin cells, this sets you up for good results with the rest of your skincare routine.

I’m a huge believer in micro-needling. If I have a red carpet event, video, or photoshoot I microneedle my face the night before and then I mask with the Overnight Sleeping Beauty Mask. Every time I wake up my skin is always flawless.”


Anti-aging tips?

“Anti-aging is really about hydration. Especially during the winter. Drink lots of water, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Have the correct products for your skin type. Make sure your products are bringing your skin back to center whether it’s dry, or oily, and maintain your skin with services. Don’t forget your neck and chest, and hands, these parts really show your age as well.”


At what age should you focus on antiaging?

“I started using eye cream at fourteen. I’m definitely not the norm, but I was obsessed with makeup at a young age. I was manicuring my nails at age nine. I do believe skincare is less about a number, but more about your skin type. Your skin will show you what it needs, and you address those things as it appears. Definitely don’t overdo anything. Overall be mindful and committed to giving your skin the hydration and care it needs.”


Check out Keracell’s amazing CBD and stem cell line hereย 

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