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Kendra Jae has worked alongside some of the best entertainers in the music industry during her career in the last four years as a professional dancer. Kicking off her career as the youngest dancer on Beyonce’s “Formation World Tour”, she went on to tour with Drake on “Aubrey and the Three Migos World Tour”, and has since then, shared the stage with other music sensations such as Gwen Stefani, Janelle Monae, Tyga, Dua Lipa, and Bebe Rexha. In addition to dancing behind these artists, some of her most recent work includes choreographing Chloe and Halle’s award-nominated Music Video “Do It,” as well as Saweetie’s “My Type” Music Video. Being able to draw inspiration and work alongside these greats has led her towards the goal of having an innovative and successful career as she transitions to being a recording artist.

We were able to chat with the talented artist and get the inside scoop on what’s next for her career, and her beauty must-haves!

Photo Credit: itskendrajae/instagram

How has a successful dance career prepared you for your career in music?

“Dancing has prepared me by teaching me how to upkeep an image, how to be consistent with content, that you’re forever a student. By staying in dance classes, and forever continuing to apply myself and studying those before me that have successful dance careers. I was able to follow and use their career as a blueprint. I’ve applied that to my journey in music as well.

The biggest thing was taking pieces of every artist that I was able to dance for, picking favorite things, like humility, their work ethic, the integrity of their work, and the way they treat their team, the comradery of everyone they want around them to maintain. Even though I’m in the early stages of my career. I’m really creating my team’s infrastructure based on some of the artists I’ve worked with and taking what works for them and applying little pieces of that from everyone to what I’m doing now.”


Why music?

“It’s funny because I was recording in high school, a lot of people don’t know this. The summer of my jr year of high school, my dad brought me to LA to dance, and I was taking classes at Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, Edge, all these prestigious dance studios. A guy there was like, ‘Your daughter got it. Does she sing?’ very long story short I ended up being in this girl group, we moved to LA my jr year, just my dad and I and we stayed in a studio apartment in Van Nuys. My parents were married of course, so it was a huge sacrifice for my family.

That was when I really learned the art of recording and fell in love with recording. Not only has danced changed my life because I can express myself and I feel most alive when doing it, now adding this singing addition I felt completely free and most myself when I was able to perform. It was like the missing piece, the cherry on top. That was when I really fell in love and when I really wanted to do this. I always knew that music was going to be the end of it all. I didn’t know how I was gonna get there but after that experience being in a girl group, I knew that music was what I wanted to do. When the time was right, and I checked off my time with dance I would make my transition to an emerging artist.”


How would you define your sound?

“Sweet but street. I’m sweet and I have this girl next door image and persona that I plan to maintain, however, I want to be relatable. I want to be polished, but I want women to feel like they can relate to me like they can kick it with me.

Even though I have this pretty girl image, there is a side to my music that still brings this street delivery, not street in terms of rap, but street in terms of the urban market. I want to be urban in terms of R&B that can also crossover and do pop. Sweet but street is the slogan to sonically what I would like to brand myself as.”


What’s next?

“I’m really excited to make music based on my real-life experiences. I haven’t been recording with the intent of a project. I’ve been making music and I just let what I’m feeling guide me. If it’s on my heart to drop a song, ill drop it. Especially during these emerging stages – A lot of artist friends of mine keep telling me, that while you’re not a signed artist put out all the music you can because you have full control. I am enjoying that and I’m not taking that advice lightly.

I have a full EP that’s finished and I’m super excited about it. I recently dropped my recent single YKT, and it’s inspired me to drop more music. You can expect my debut EP before the summer, with some amazing vibes, visuals, merch, and a summer song for all the ladies!

This is the year of consistency for me, and I’m excited to secure my spot as the new girl on the block.”



“This is my favorite question! Aaliyah is such a huge inspiration. I loved her grace. She moved with such grace, unapologetic, but true to herself. I think that’s important with my artistry. Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a very honest person. I want to keep all my artistry honest and real. I want people to know that and feel that. Aaliyah is the epitome of that.

I’m very inspired by Janet and Jlo. I call them the ‘J’s.’ Both of their performances on stage, they are the epitome of an all-around entertainer. Because I come from a dance background, that the caliber of the stage presence that I plan to embody.

Of course, Beyonce and Drake. Two complete polar opposites in terms of artists, however, I learned the most from working with both of them. I’m inspired by them for different reasons – Beyonce’s humility, she doesn’t do anything for no reason. She does everything with intention. I’m applying that to my artistry not just doing something to do it, but what’s the why behind what I’m doing. Just really honing in on intention. I also admire Beyonce for her work ethic.

With Drake, he inspired me to keep it in the family. That’s the best thing I would say I’ve learned from him. When you keep things in the family, you control the energy around you. You can protect what you’re building and steer your own ship.”


Must-haves for beauty

“I love skincare so much, shout out to my esthetician, Fatima! I got with her when I came back from tour with Beyonce about three years ago. I have the potential to have amazing skin, but my skin is very dry. I had my first facial and that’s when I first fell in love with skincare. I started to understand the importance of having a regime. Some of my go-to products –

Tatcha: Exfoliating Face Wash, Water Cream Moisturizer

Indy Lee: Face Oil,

Mara: Universal Face Oil

First Aid Beauty: Eye Duty Brightening Cream

Laura Mercier: Translucent Powder

Artist Couture: Glow Powder

MAC Lip Pencil – Shade “Cork”

N.Y.X Lip Gloss Shade “Abu Dhabi”

I love enhancing natural beauty. My approach to beauty is loving the skin I’m in, and loving my natural beauty.”


Day to day makeup look?

“I love dewy looks! I want my skin to look like a yummy glazed donut all the time! I prefer dewy over matte, always a highlight, undereye super bright, and I fill my brows in really natural. I’m here for the whispy, cat-eye style winged liquid liner, and brown lip liner.”


Favorite hairstyle?

“My go-to hairstyle is a pulled-back ponytail! It enhances my features and I love baby hair. When I perform I love my hair down and rock luscious curls or waves.”


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