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If you’re a guy who truly cares about the way you look, or significant other who wants to help your man, you’re not going to the supermarket to buy a ‘3 in 1.’ Let’s face it, no man wants to maintain a rigorous grooming routine, however, the search for healthier skin, a more refined and clean feel, and daily skincare products can be a bit of a buzzkill if you’re looking for a quick way to knock out your regimen at once.

This is where Golden Grooming Co. comes in. The products are all-natural and crafted with essential oils and plant extracts that moisturize, heal, protect and cleanse.

Golden Grooming Co, is a black-owned, 100 percent plant-based skin and hair care company out of Detroit. Golden Grooming Co. provides high-quality, all-natural skincare and hair care products specifically designed for black men and other men of color. Their mission is to help men that are on the journey to a healthier lifestyle by offering natural plant-based grooming products. They believe that the journey starts from within; which is why we create outstanding products with wholesome natural ingredients. Golden Grooming Co. helps men look good, feel good and do good. They are not just a minority-owned grooming company, they’re in the business of empowerment – which is why 5% of all sales are donated to programs that foster entrepreneurship in youth from under-served communities as well as supporting HBCUs.
Here we’ve listed our favorite products from the brand that you or your loved one would love.

Golden Professional Trimmer


Photo Credit: Golden Grooming

Ultimate Beard Bundle


Photo Credit: Golden Grooming

Essential Skincare Bundle


Photo Credit: Golden Grooming

“As an African American man, one thing we can control is the way we present ourselves to the world. That starts with how we look and feel, which is why I stand behind Golden and the skin/hair care product line we’ve tailored especially for men of color.” States Herman Moore. “Most people know me from what I did on the football field as an all-pro receiver for the Detroit Lions. What they may not know is that the way I carried myself off the field was just as important as what I did on Sundays. How I looked in the locker room, during interviews, and out in the community shaped my personal brand and the way others saw me as a man.

In order to achieve everything that is possible for you, it’s important that you treat your body right and look your best – people will look at you and know you understand what it means to win as a man of color. That’s why I know Golden is going to change the world – whether it’s our revolutionary skin products, our all-natural hair care, or our specialty beard balms + oils, these products are helping men of color everywhere look their best, feel their best and win in ways they never thought possible.”

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