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Born and raised in Missouri, Alexis always had dreamt about moving to LA and making a name for herself. In high school, she loved practicing makeup on her friends for fun. She began an internship with professional makeup artist, Andie Simmons-Lewis. What began as a hobby was a stepping stone into a career. After high school, Alexis moved to Burbank, California to pursue her dreams and further her education. She has assisted Celebrity Makeup Artists such as Rachel Goodwin, Ash K Holm, Jill Powell, Daniel Martin, Lyndsay Z, and more. Since then she has created relationships and clientele.

At what age did you start getting into makeup?

“I started getting into it at a very young age. Whenever I was in middle school I remember watching Youtube videos of makeup tutorials before they became more mainstream. I would watch tutorials on how to recreate some of my favorite singer’s looks from music videos in the basement. I have always really loved fashion and beauty and found it as a creative outlet for me to express myself. ”

Who are your biggest inspirations?

“I am constantly inspired by really powerful and bold businesswomen such as Sophia Amoruso, Tanya Rad, and Ash K Holm. As far as creative inspiration I love Halsey and Dua Lipa. I love how they are constantly pushing boundaries when it comes to their fashion and glam. I am also constantly inspired by all of my clients. I am so lucky to work with such badass women every single day. I have learned so much from every single one of them. ”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In 10 years I see myself doing exactly what I’m doing – just on a bigger scale. I love what I do more than anything in the world. I just want to work on taking it to the next level. I want to expand and makeup on more clients, go on world tours, have my work on magazines, billboards, etc. “

What are 3 tips of advice you’d give young girls trying to follow in your footsteps?

“The first thing I tell anyone who is interested in a career similar to mine would be to assist. I learned so much through assisting. I not only learned about how to apply makeup but so many businesses and set etiquette tips as well. I learned about reading a room and the professionalism it takes to work around high-profile clients, I learned how to network and grow my following, and how to be your own boss. I would not be where I am today if it were not for the incredible makeup artists that have allowed me to work alongside of them such as Ash K Holm, Rachel Goodwin, Dendoll, Jill Powell, Daniel Martin, and more. I also tell new artists to say yes to everything, especially in the beginning. You can’t have an ego when you are starting out. There are so many benefits to this, even if it is for trade. You could make a connection at that job, you could gain exposure, you will get more practice, you can add to your portfolio, and it could eventually lead to more paid opportunities. One more piece of advice I give is to never take no for an answer. You will definitely get more no’s than yes’s in this industry. But, you just have to have thick skin and stay persistent. Obviously know the boundary between annoying and being persistent. But, don’t let a no keep you from what you want for yourself. “

What are your best safety practices when on set?

“The biggest tip I have for safety practices onset is simple – spray alcohol on everything. It is extremely important to me to keep my kit extremely clean and organized. I do this to protect everyone that I work with and make everyone feel comfortable as well. I also make sure to use hand sanitizer frequently while working with my clients. “

What are 3 holy grail products in your kit?

“Three holy grail products of mine are the Laneige lip sleeping mask, the tatcha water cream, and the Nars creamy concealer.”

What was your favorite makeup trend when you first started makeup?

“I first started doing makeup professionally in 2016. This is when the full “beat to the gods” trend was in. During this time I loved a mink lash and a super prominent highlight.”

What was a makeup trend you wish never happened?

“I think there’s a time and place for every style of makeup. There isn’t necessarily one that I wish never happened. But, I don’t particularly love when makeup is over done. I love playing up one or two features, not everything. I feel like if you have a bold brow, a wing, a lash, super intense contour it begins to take away and can just be too much. “

What makeup product can you never leave the house without?

“One makeup product I can never leave the house with is my Laneige lip sleeping mask, I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to touch-ups. But nothing drives me crazier than having chapped lips.”

What is the number one skin prep you use?

“Skincare is extremely important! I always say invest in your skincare before you invest in your makeup. You can have the most luxurious makeup, but if you don’t take care of your skin it isn’t going to give you that red carpet look that you want to achieve. I can’t preach about sunscreen enough. Apply it every morning!”

What emerging makeup company do you believe is going to take off in 2021?

“I think that Kosas is really going to take off this year. I see TikTok is making more natural glowy makeup popular. Kosas has really incredible cream blushes and highlighters. I love using these on my clients when achieving this type of look and they are extremely easy to use.”