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By Hannah Muehlberger

We all want natural, fresh products for our skincare routines. What’s more fresh than fruit? That’s where OLIVIAUMMA Glass Skin comes in. OLIVIAUMMA is inspired by a globally trending dessert called ‘Tanghulu,’ which is made by dipping fruit into melted sugar, inspiring this mother-daughter duo to create their very own skincare line which would emulate the same glass effect for men and women of all ages across generations. OLIVIAUMMA is produced in Seoul, Korea while the ‘Tanghulu Glass Skin’ series emulates all elements of the Tanghulu experience; starting with the blueberries, strawberries, tangerine, guava, mint, and muscat grapes interwoven as ingredients of the launch collection. OLIVIAUMMA’s bright, creative, and playful packaging makes its consumers feel brighter, happier, and ready to take on proactive skin care choices.

Hye Young Kim founded OLIVIAUMMA, also referred to as Mom in Korean! Hye was born in Seoul, Korea, and throughout her adult life, she has been a citizen of the globe appreciating skin care while traveling. Hye Young Kim, founder of OLIVIAUMMA is a former banker, turned fashion CEO, mother, and now beauty entrepreneur who has resided in various cities, such as Singapore, San Francisco, and now Miami. Hye and her teenage daughter Olivia relocated to South Florida in 2014. It was in 2020 when a friend of her daughter, Olivia asked for insight into Korean Beauty Skincare that changed everything for the mother-daughter duo.

Hye and Olivia, set out on a mission to create a collection of cross-generational skincare that could be used by people of all ages. The aim was to use vegan ingredients and the knowledge of top scientists to create a range of essential skin care products that, while focused on individual concerns, would evoke a colorful and happy skincare journey for all ages. OLIVIAUMMA was born with the idea that “No person too young or old should have to miss out on glass skin effects because of an ingredient profile.”

Olivia Umma Glass Skin Cleanser

OLIVIAUMMA’s products perfectly create a skin routine to achieve this healthy glow with the power of antioxidants. Starting off with a clean slate, the Olivia Umma Glass Skin Cleanser effectively and gently removes sebum and makeup with a dime-sized application. The exfoliating and moisturizing properties of this cleanser allow for an even skin tone with a dewy finish. The Olivia Umma brand prides itself on delivering clean, Korean-made skincare and the GLASS SKIN TANGHULU SHINE MUSCAT CLEANSER is the first step in achieving skin that looks as clear as glass. Created with Shine Muscat and Heartleaf, the Glass Skin Cleanser is anti-inflammatory while being loaded with antioxidants. Using high-frequency technology, key ingredients are extracted from green grapes, green apples, and green plums.

Glass Skin Strawberry & Tangerine Serum

The next step is a serum to help smooth and protect the skin. The Glass Skin Strawberry and Tangerine Serum is made from strawberries and tangerines and packed with niacinamide, vitamins A, B, C, and E, this vitamin C serum is sure to energize and brighten the skin. Ingredients such as vitamins B and A help to build the skin barrier while protecting the skin from the sun. Strawberries and tangerines bring out the essence of this product with visible granules of tangerine inside that help to boost collagen production. Also, vitamins A, B, and niacinamide make this a vitamin C serum that truly provides a variety of nutrients for the skin.

Or if you feel you need a serum to help with pores

Glass Skin Tanghulu Blueberry Serum

, the Olivia Umma Glass Skin Tanghulu Blueberry Serum is a lightweight serum made to revitalize the skin while ensuring the pores remain unclogged. Compromised of quality ingredients, the Tanghulu serum provides a dewy finish to the skin that lasts all day and can also serve as a primer before makeup. Made using blueberries, fig, and cold-pressed camellia seed oil sourced from Jeju Island in Korea, this serum is made to give the skin a radiance boost. It is hydrating, nutritious, and loaded with antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits. Blueberries, cold-pressed Camellia Seed Oil, and Figs are the ingredients that allow the Tanghulu Blueberry Serum to be the powerhouse it is. Fig is a key ingredient that helps to achieve a dewy glow in the skin and Vitamin E derived from Camellia Seed Oil sourced in Korea provides needed moisture for the skin.

Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox Guava

Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox Mint

To keep your face nourished for the rest of the day, a lip treatment will help keep your lips hydrated for the full day. The Olivia Umma Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox in Guava is a lightweight lip treatment that moisturizes the lips using beneficial ingredients. This non-sticky formula restores dry lips and provides a glossy effect. The Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox in Guava is complete with ingredients from the guava fruit creating a natural pink hue that enhances the natural lip tone while providing a glossy, glass finish. Guava, Macadamia Seed Oil, and Shea butter are the key ingredients that drive the moisturizing properties of the Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox. Guava helps to achieve a natural color, paired with essential oils that ensure revitalizing moisture in the lips. However, if you are not in a fruity mood, use The Olivia Umma Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox in Mint which is a lightweight lip treatment that restores moisture to dry lips using beneficial ingredients. This non-sticky formula restores dry lips and provides a glossy, plumping effect. The Glass Skin Tanghulu Liptox in Mint provides a cool, plumping sensation from the peppermint while moisturizing the lips to provide a glass finish.