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Recently during quarantine I discovered an amazing new clean, high-performance skincare brand called Free Agent. This brand has changed my skin for the better! My skin has never looked more young and radiant!

Free Agent Skincare challenges common industry practices by bringing people freshly-batched skincare that is free from harsh synthetic preservatives and delivers an immediate response in the skin. Free Agent is centered around clean science, where products have limited numbers of high-quality ingredients at peak efficacy.

Free Agent’s two products -otherwise known as the Complexion Resurrection Duo will make your skin look and feel luxurious like you just received a professional treatment.

These two products give you professional-level results in just minutes from the comfort and safety of your home. Flash Forward($59) is a Thermal Enzymatic Exfoliation Treatment that resurfaces the skin with lactic acid, multi-fruit enzymes, and a thermal warming complex. Lightspeed($95) is a clinical strength Vitamin C hydrating treatment serum formulated with 10% BV-OSC Vitamin C to boost collagen and reduce sunspots for glowing skin.

In the shower, I apply Flash Forward. I apply a thin coating onto my damp face, neck, and upper chest area. I rub the product in a circular motion for about 30 seconds, and then I leave it on my skin. When I rinse it off, my skin is so soft, and smooth. I use this product two to three times per week.

Afterwards, I apply Lightspeed, this hydrating soothing serum is exactly what my skin needs. I have been applying Lightspeed once a day in the evening. Each time I apply a few drops onto the palm of my hand, and then I apply it to my face, neck, and upper chest. You don’t need very much, as it goes a long way. I wait for it to absorb into my skin before I apply any other products. This product is extremely hydrating, and I don’t usually feel the need to apply a moisturizer afterward.

Here are the must haves:

Photo Credit: Free Agent

Thermal Enzymatic Exfoliation Treatment $42

• All Skin Types

• Anti-Aging
• Dull / Rough Skin
• Uneven Skin Tone
• Dark Spots
• Pores

• Thermal Warming Complex increases vasodilation and blood-flow to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the upper layers of the skin.

• Lactic Acid stimulates collagen while gently exfoliating the skin for a healthy-looking glow.
• Proteolytic Enzymes (Papaya, Pineapple, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate) help to resurface the skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Alcohol-free formula leaves skin soft and supple. 
• Improves the look of skin tone and texture.
• Deep exfoliation clarifies skin for a professional-grade facial at-home.
• Kicks your cell-turnover into fast forward for results after one use.

Photo Credit: Free Agent


Hydra Glow C Serum
10% BV-OSC $72


• Dark Spots
• Sun Spots
• Dull Skin
• Acne Scarring
• Anti-Aging
• All Skin Types

• Clinically proven BV-OSC Vitamin C reduces the appearance of sun damage, dark spots and acne scarring
• Squalane locks in moisture to improve the look of skin elasticity
• Brightens overall skin tone
• Creates a lit-from-within glow
• Stimulates Collagen Synthesis