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One Less Health Concern to Worry About with Toxic-Free Beauty Product

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In a world that is becoming increasingly concerned with what is being put into our bodies, we also must question the products we are putting on to our bodies. Our skin absorbs everything that is put into it, and there are many hidden dangers in products we have used for years without knowing the severe side effects that come from products containing parabens and other hazards.

In a quest to use products that are true to being all-natural, president of Simiplipur, the owner of Seasons of Beauty, Margie Adelman, attended the Healthy Brand Showcase in Los Angeles to display the innovation in her certified toxic-free skin care line. Her immense knowledge of the benefits of the natural ingredients she puts in her products is what makes them work. Not only does her line help to fight back against aging, sun damage and stress, it also helps to flush out environmental toxins and dirt. This refreshing concept of skin care will keep you from adding toxic products onto your skin and even get rid of toxins that are already there.

While there are many ingredients in widely used products that are hazardous to our bodies, parabens have come to be one of the most significant concerns. Seasons of Beauty notes that “parabens are widely used preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast in cosmetic products. Parabens possess estrogen-mimicking properties that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin and have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors. They can be found in makeup, body washes, deodorants, shampoos and facial cleansers.” Seasons of Beauty users have no concern for these issues, however, because parabens will never be used in their products.

The line uses many beneficial natural ingredients such as plant stem-cells, botanicals, charcoal and plant juices. While commonly used harsh products like facial cleansers strip your skin of natural oils, one of Seasons of Beauty’s best products is the Glacial Purifier Radiant facial cleanser which washes oils away without stripping the skin. With crucial leaf and plant juice ingredients, the cleanser purifies pores while maintaining skin’s moisture level and acid/alkaline balance. Each element was well thought out in order to keep toxins away from the body while using the best ingredients to preserve the skin’s youthful glow using the 4-step complete care system: Celestial Repair Charcoal Masque, Glacier Purifier Radiant Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Herbal Rain Moisturizing Natural Face Serum and Luminous Dew Plant Stem Cell Rejuvenation Face Cream.

  1. What critical ingredients in Seasons of Beauty make it toxic-free and what kind of benefits do they provide for the skin that is crucial to maintaining young and healthy-looking skin? Do you use any ingredients that set Seasons of Beauty apart from the rest?

MA: Each of the products has what I call Bio-actives or Hero Ingredients. Those are the ones that have the most power. Although the entourage effect of all the unusual non-toxic ingredients potentiates one another. I’d have to say that what makes this line unique is that infusion of Cactus Stem Cell Extract. If you think about cactus plants; they survive in the desert in extreme conditions like blazing, dry heat and very little water. How do they remain green?  They do so because the cactus stem cells have an insatiable appetite for moisture. The stem cell extract has the same ability to retain moisture in the Luminous Dew Plant Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream.

  1. What kind of dangers in skin care products made you want to start a toxic-free line?

MA: Oh there are so many. The commonly found toxic ingredients would include phthalates, PCB’s, dimethicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, alcohols, fragrance, colors and so much more.  Some of these are serious as they are absorbed through the skin. An example would be xenoestrogens or endocrine disruptors, which can have the entire cascade of deleterious effects on our health. I always tell people, if you would not put it in your body, then don’t put it on your body! Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed and eventually ends up in our bloodstream, which has to be metabolized. Our bodies were not meant to handle so many chemicals. Between the air we breathe, the food we eat, cleaning products we use, what we put on our bodies and water we drink, we are on toxic overload, even if we think we are healthy, we are bombarded with more chemicals now than ever before.

  1. How does the Seasons of Beauty skin care line fight back against aging, sun damage, chemicals, and stress?

Interestingly, the cactus stem cell extract limits the numerous bad mechanisms induced by UV rays that damage and prematurely age the dermis UVA and epidermis UVB. A favorite step in the line is the Celestial Repair Charcoal Masque. The activated charcoal works much like a water purifier does that removes and draws out toxic chemicals and bacteria to the surface leaving clean pores that give the skin that youthful glow.

The serum is also a show stopper featuring Indian Gentian Extract and biomimetic peptides.  It helps prevent sun damage with 90% of the participants in a study reporting overall positive results after 56 days.

Finally, there are many excellent skin care companies out there marketing non-toxic formulas, but then they make a fatal mistake that contradicts the entire philosophy of genuinely natural skin care.  They package that well-formed formula in plastic, which is known to leach toxic chemicals into the product like BPA and phthalates.  We use only beautiful glass jars from Italy. When we say certified toxic-free; we mean it!  It might cost a little more, but it’s well worth it.

I love the cleanser.  To me, the cleanser is the foundation of the line. If I don’t like the cleanser, it’s hard for me to get past that.  I love ours because it’s so gentle and great for sensitive skin, yet it’s powerful and takes off mascara and makeup. I love that. I would not say I like extra steps, so this was important to me, and I believe many other women love that too because it cuts down on the time that you have to spend doing your nighttime cleansing routine

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