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Meet Flip: The New Shopping App that is Changing the Way Brands and Consumers Find Each Other

For as far as we’ve come as a society and all the advances made in technology – specifically e-commerce – over the past several years, as a consumer it’s easy to feel pigeonholed or limited in the ways and places I can shop. This may not be a popular opinion, but I’m all about online shopping, even for my beauty products. I hate being bombarded by sales people who I know are told to push certain brands at certain times, so I don’t feel like I’m getting a fellow beauty lover’s honest opinion when I ask about the best new eye creams or makeup palettes. While I don’t mind not being able to go to a beauty counter and swatch products on myself, I do still want to see the products out of their packaging and being used in the real world. 

Now, imagine my surprise when a friend told me about Flip, a new e-commerce app for beauty and wellness products whose business mode

l is basically real people doing real reviews of whatever product they want? And, to make things even easier, if I see a review I love, I can click their shopping link and buy that product directly from Flip! This has been a complete game changer for me because it’s like a secre

t society, only beauty lovers who know about it are on there, so I feel like I’m getting inside knowledge at every turn. I can go on the app and knowing that my skin is looking dull lately, search for Niacinamide, and video reviews and demos for every product (serum, eye cream, moisturizer, etc.) that contains that specific ingredient show up. Genius, right? One more perk, ANYONE can be a creator and reviewer, so if I wanted to after purchasing a product through Flip I could do my own review on the app and if any other viewer sees my review and purchases a product through my direct review, I get paid!!

So yes, color me impressed as a beauty consumer. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that the real genius here is for the brands that retail through Flip. There are literally brands from all over the world on here; Big brands, small brands, certainly brands I’ve never heard of, all on here being

 reviewed by knowledgeable consumers. I would never be able to find these brands in a giant retailer, and obviously not on Amazon which makes it virtually impossible to discover new brands (I only shop from Amazon when I know exactly what I’m looking for). I’m sure these brands appreciate being on an app like this too, because it’s not like most retailers where the more you pay and the more popular you are, the better location in the storefront or on the website are. Now, any brand could have endless reviews, and speak to consumers in whichever manner and voice they choose.

I’ve done my research on the business-side of Flip as well, and they seem to be an obvious choice for brands to launch with, as they have completely transformed the way that brands can launch new products directly to consumers. They offer gratis product seeding, reviews, feedback from customers, and the ability for consumers to do their own reviews and to share more info on a product with their audience, Flip simply offers a platform unlike any other. This direct connection with customers creates an emotional attachment with brands that is not possible via traditional e-commerce. They also hold live events 

and giveaways to drive awareness and sales, making Flip not only an amazing retail partner but also a marketing partner to ensure greater brand awareness than could be possible on other e-commerce platforms or Amazon. 

In short, I am telling everyone I know to give Flip a shot. Even if you don’t want to create your own videos and reviews to make a little extra money, you can still watch and shop as many reviews as your beauty-loving heart desires. And I am definitely telling all brand-owners I know or friends who have an idea for a product line but don’t have the means to be a mass-market retailer about Flip. There seems to be literally zero downside to partnering with Flip for retail.