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Why do clean mascaras finally work?

By:Tahiry Sanchez
Editor: Hannah Muehlberger

Customer preferences are altering the clean-beauty market. Natural or clean mascaras were created with a no-makeup vision in mind at first. Brands are changing to offer new formulas with much more punch as more consumers desire a double whammy of a clean product and a big impression. Cosmetic formulators have begun to find more worthy, natural, and synthetic alternatives to carbon comma. Carbon comma is a safe, petroleum-based pigment that traditionally gives mascara its deep black tint that is not safe for the environment. Now beauty brands want to alternate this pigment with a substance that is more natural and safer to use on your lashes. Here are a few of the top beauty brands that want to change the lash pigmentation game for a healthier and clean lash look!

New pigments and formulations are resulting in lashes that are larger, bolder, and more powerful. Here are the specifics, as well as our personal favorites from the lot.

Ilia beauty fullest volumizing mascara (28$), for example, combines wax to increase fullness and vitamin B5 to nourish lashes. Ilia also has a violin-shaped brush to reach every lash last.

ILIA Mascara

Beauty-counter (27$) think big all-in-one mascara. This product uses iron oxidized to deliver inky lashes only using 18 FDA-approved products, with the rest being a carbon-free screen for heavy metals.


Bamboo powder is used instead of nylon or rayon fibers to enhance length and volume to Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara(28$). Added strength comes from plant oils and rice bran wax.

Beyond Mascara

To prevent clumping and keep lashes moisturized, Kjaer Weis Im-possible mascara (32$) uses organic ingredients including beeswax and raspberry water.

Kjaer Weis Im-Possible Mascara

Cover FX Power Flex Mascara ($24) has a brush with silicone and fiber bristles that reach the roots of lashes to cover even the tiniest of hairs, a vegan wax that lengthens, and a sweatproof polymer that extends the formula’s life.

Cover FX Power Flex Mascara

Go out and get yourself one of these amazing mascaras, to feel vibrant, fresh and completely safe using the best natural products for your lashes!