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Zuma’s New Vegan Collagen Precursor Bundle!
By: Tahiry Sanchez 

Healthy skin serves as an active interface between the body’s internal and external surroundings, allowing for long-term adaptation and acclimatization of an organism. Intrinsic aging, irradiation, a poor diet, and stress-related micronutrient deficiencies all increase the aging process of the skin, resulting in age-dependent collagen degradation.

Collagen, the most prevalent component of the extracellular matrix, is the key protein that defines skin physiology by preserving the structure of the skin and allowing it to perform its many tasks. The extracellular matrix helps the skin stay smooth, firm, and robust by retaining water. Collagen’s structure is similar to that of a rope. Collagen fibrils have immense strength and tensile power when these building blocks are together.

Now, collagen derived from animals is difficult for the body to absorb. Taking the particular nutrients that help your body to naturally manufacture collagen is significantly more effective. Collagen production takes up to 2,000 mg of Lysine, 1000 mg of Proline, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, and 1000 mg of B vitamins every day. Each of these nutrients is included in the entire plant-based collagen regimen in the proper levels for the body to generate the collagen it requires to maintain youthful, bright skin. It’s also nano-free, which means it allows for optimum nutritional absorption.

Zuma nutrition has kept all this valuable information in mind, and has created an amazing vegan product. With a step-by-step guide included. Giving us detailed information on what to eat, and how to take the product which will help maximize your benefits. It has become one of Zuma’s most popular product receiving a 5 star rate. Effective, high-quality, and easy to use. 

Zuma offers 3 awesome options to purchase the Vegan Collagen Precursor Bundle. The first is the best value, the double subscription which is $169.95. offering 2 month supply, delivered every 2 months. The second option is the best seller, the single subscription at a price of $89.95 which is 1 month supply, and delivered monthly. Lastly, we have the one time purchase $99.95. Which offers 1 month supply and a one-time shipment. You can see more detail descriptions on their fabulous site at

Get ready to be part of this new vegan movement with Zuma Nutrition. With a collagen product that is effective, does not use animal supplements and everyone is talking amazing things about it!