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Bath and Body Works’ Best Smelling Offers for This Year’s Semi-Annual Sale

By June 27, 2021No Comments

By Hannah Muehlberger

Everyone has been familiar with the scents from Bath and Body Works since middle school. Surely most of us can remember the scents of Cucumber Melon and Pear-berry wafting through the halls. But what has always been good about Bath and Body Works products is that they have continued to grow with us and have never disappointed.
Luckily for us, they have expanded their variations in product types and continue to create new scents for you to lather up in your loofah, light up in a candle, or rub into your hands for everlasting moisture. Below are some of the best offers of this year’s semi-annual sale.

1. 50-75% Off Select Body Care






From classic scents like Rose, Pretty as a Peach, Pink Chiffon, and Coconut, to newer scents like Little Black Party Dress, Honeysuckle Peach Tea, Triple Berry Martini and Coconut Creme Pie. This mix of body creams, shower gels, lotion, and fragrance mists, are 50 to 75 percent off this season. Ranging from a discount for body creams that initially are priced at $14.50 that are slashed down to $5.95, and fine fragrances reaching down to $3.62 that was originally priced at $13.50.

2. Half Price on Aromatherapy Products

Quite recently, B&B has rolled out new products concentrating in the aromatherapy department. It has become something of a craze to have more aromatherapy-scented items in terms of bath and body care, even with candles as well. At first, it just started out as scents like Stress Relief, Sleep, and Energize. But throughout the years, they have expanded to more vibrant and new scents like rose and vanilla, guava and orange. As well as more experimental fragrances like sandalwood eucalyptus, mimosa spearmint and bergamot cedarwood. All body creams, washes, lotions, mists, and bubble baths will be cut from their initial price of $13.50 to almost half, at $6.50.

3. Buy 3, Get 2 Free on Select Body Care


An even more convincing reason to fill up your shopping bag. On select skincare items, you can get an even more bang for your buck when you purchase certain body care items. These scents include newer ones like, as well as more of the classics. This deal includes almost all of the variety of product mediums, like body creams and lotions, shower gels to Eau du parfums. These scents include summer favorites like Midsummer Dream, Berry Waffle Cone, Sunshine Mimosa, Grapefruit Frosé, to more classic scents like Pretty as a Peach, Sweet Pea and At The Beach.

4. $4.95 Select Body Care

Similar to the 50-75% off all body care, some of your new favorite scents are on sale for as low as $3! These include FULL sized mists, body lotions, shower gels, and even some of the men’s products as well. Some of the fragrances included in this offer are new scents just introduced, like Pink Tie Dye, which invokes hints of a sunshiny bouquet of pink lady apple, water lotus and cotton blossom. This product in the medium of a fine fragrance was original $15.50, but with the sale, it bumped down to $3.87!

Who doesn’t love fun, fresh, scents for this summer? And not to mention what a great gift these products make. Whether you are in the mood for a floral scent like Love and Sunshine, or for a more calming scent like Lavender and Vanilla, you will not be disappointed with the selection Bath and Body Works has to offer. Order in-store or online and shop some of the most unique, best quality, amazingly scented bath, and body care items. It will be the most beautifully scented purchase you have most likely ever made.



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