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Photo Credit: @evelynlozada Instagram

Evelyn is an American television personality who is most recognized for her role in the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives and was featured in Livin’ Lozada on Oprah Winfrey’s Network OWN with her daughter and best friend Shaniece Hairston. Evelyn has a passion for beauty and fashion and runs a successful lifestyle business bringing her styles to her fans.

Evelyn discusses how she was prompted from the OG seasons of Basketball wives to begin her own Jewelry line and brand BX GlowShe also shares her best advice for staying motivated to keep in shape and the sentimental, inspiring reason she set out to extend her brand from Jewelry to fitness, creating BX Glow fitness and it’s affordable, chic, and functional workout gear.

With a brand that goes from fitness to jewelry, which did you do first and how did you decide to transition to the other one?

“I started with the jewelry first, because that has always been my first passion.  Years ago when I was on the start of basketball wives and doing reality TV, the earrings I wore became such a thing that everyone talked about it and stores were liking the earrings I was wearing.  So it became a thing on the show, like the girls with the maxi dresses and the earrings, we were filming in Miami at the time.  So that’s what really inspired me to start my jewelry line.  I’m also from New York so I love anything urban and hip and streetwear.  I love those types of things. That’s really what started everything for me as far as the jewelry was being on Basketball Wives.  That becoming a storyline.” “As I got older, I started really working out and focusing on my health, what I eat, what I put in my body, especially after having my son.  My kids are 21 years apart, my daughter is about to be 28, and my son is 7.  So it’s so crazy for me, I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but it did, thank god.  They fight like they’re two young kids together.  But you know, having my son, and me saying ‘okay with my daughter I was young mom, and with my son, I’m an older mom,’ and just really trying to be the healthiest version of myself.  Not only because I need to keep up with him, but it makes you feel good.  It keeps you happy, and you look good, you feel good, so then I started my fitness journey after I had him.  I was 190 lbs when I delivered him, so I was a thickums.  You know I did what I needed to do to get back to like pre-baby weight.” … “I’m workin’ on the 6-pack”


Why these products in your BX Glow kit?  Are they the easiest to use to work out at home, or are these your favorite products to use when you’re working out at home- what made you choose these?

“I started this fitness kit actually pre-pandemic.  The boxes were already done…” “I know that everyone cannot afford a gym membership.  And sometimes going to the gym is expensive, and you don’t need to spend all that money to be able to get a good workout in at home.  You can put that on and sit on your sofa and do a leg workout, so that was my goal in all of this.  It was, you know everybody can get in shape, but you don’t have to spend all this money.  So then we started talking about what I wanted in the fitness box, and of course I wanted those bands because those bands are great.  I love ankle weights, I had a pair on yesterday, which I want to add those eventually to the kit, they may be a bit much but they were 8 lbs and it was kickin’ my butt.  You know the fire hydrants; all those things you can just do at home by yourself.  There’s so many YouTube videos that, shout out to Maria, I did a lot of workouts with her on live and on zoom, and a lot of her workouts are with these brands.  So, I just wanted to put it together so people could get a good workout at home without having to spend hundreds of dollars every month, or every couple of months on a gym membership.  And then the pandemic happened and everyone was stuck at home.  So we were like LAUNCH ‘EM.”


With the pandemic, what would you say is your biggest advice for someone to stay motivated and want to work out at home?

“I think my biggest advice is if you can find a partner.  You know, my partner was my daughter.  So during the pandemic, for me, it was like, she knew I was safe because she wasn’t going anywhere. So I think if you can find somebody, a girlfriend, a family member, somebody that you can kind of do the workouts together, it always helps. It’s always funny.   Obviously music is a key thing for me.   When I would workout in my garage gym, I would have like music blasting.  I think first and foremost, if you can find a partner that has the same fitness goals, or whatever it is that they’re trying to accomplish, it just helps so much.  Also doing the YouTube video workouts with a trainer that you love.  For me it is with Columbia Mafia, I would do a lot of her workouts at home because she always had good music and it just kept me motivated throughout the workout.  I will say it wasn’t always easy though, my son would come in and he interrupts. You know, home schooling and I‘m like ‘Oh My God,’ so I was happy when the gym’s open back up.  Because what I do is, I take a lot of what’s in those kits to the gym and I do it there amongst other people.  Feeding off of someone else’s energy is always so good!”

I was just in Hawaii, and I took my bands with me!  I’ll be upfront, I don’t do well if I go on vacation.   I was just telling my trainer yesterday that ‘I’m not that girl,’ but with the bands, it’s easy.  You can do it in the room, bang it out, then go get your margarita!”

“I know sometimes before my workouts, I’m like ‘ahhh god,’ but then when you do it, you feel so good about yourself! So kudos to all of you for showing up today and kicking ass, and you know it takes one day at a time, and consistency.  I always say, ‘you just have to keep pushing yourself every day,’ even if you just don’t want to.  I have moments where I just don’t, but your doing so good for yourself, your mind, your body, and your soul. I’m proud of you guys for working out today!”


Who from the 80’s or 90’s inspired your jewelry? From street wear?

“80’s or 90’s… I grew up in New York, so probably JLo because she’s from New York and the Bronx.  I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, so a lot of her style throughout that era, so everything she wore, I bought.  Whether it was the Monolos, construction boots that looked like they had the heel, it was so fun.  And now the 90’s jeans are coming back in! I was like ‘holy hell’ how am I gonna make this work.  I got a pair from good American and they look great!”

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