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Photo Courtesy @theshelbyswain

Shelby Swain, famed celebrity hairstylist also known as the “Beyoncé of baby hair,” dished on her favorite products to use on Lizzo. Her secret?! Taiwanese haircare brand SH-RD.

“Lizzo looks absolutely amazing! A little dab goes a long way. I’m obsessed with this secret haircare product, SH-RD Protein Cream. A leave-in treatment to hydrate, strengthen, and protect your hair. You can use it wet or dry, and it’s perfect for scalp protection. It’s a must-have in my kit!” Swain shared on Instagram.

Want shiny strands like this superstar? Here’s a list of all SH-RD products used:

1.) SH-RD Truffle Moisturizing Shampoo ($25) Purchase Here

Sulfate-free and silicone-free, organic truffle extract combined with the proteins of the hair creates a hydrating shield, making hair brilliant and smooth.

2.) SH-RD Gold Deluxe Edition Protein Cream ($80) Purchase Here

This unique haircare product combines premium gold leaf with deep seawater. Formulated silk protein complex combines the moisture of silk amino acid and hydrolyzed silk protein and smooths the cuticle to lock in moisture and shine.

And voila! Instagoddess!


Consumer Aftercare: To keep tresses looking fresh for the entire fall season, we recommend the continuous use of SH-RD Protein Cream to keep hair strong and shiny.


We sat down with the celeb hairstylist who shares with us her beauty hacks and why she loves SH-RD. 

What SH-RD product do you swear by?

“I absolutely love the SH-RD Protein Cream, when protecting and hydrating the hair, this is my go to!

Any secret beauty hacks?

“Making sure the hair is properly moisturized before creating any hairstyle.”

You have styled Lizzo with a few vibrant, eye-catching hairstyles. What is your favorite look you’ve created for Lizzo so far?

“I’m still in awe for Lizzo’s red finger wave that I did for the Missy Elliot Tribute 2019! Using Kiss colors I was able to achieve a vibrant, sexy, and stunning statement.”

What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to styling their hair?

“Under prepping, and over stressing. It’s very important to have a very strong foundation. Optimal shampoo and conditioning routines that support healthy hair are key to styling results, in addition, it is important to not over manipulate with harsh products and high heat styling tools.”

What is your number one tip for keeping your hair flawless during a long day?

“Soft supple edges and a bouncy glow.”