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By Hannah Muehlberger

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 9th, and if you aren’t panicking yet, you’re about to be. Besides the fact we’re approaching last-minute status, there are just too many options out there. Organizing your own one-and-done Mother’s Day kit where all your bases are covered is an intimidating task. Thankfully, there are brands out there that know this. Here are 5 kits from established brands that will have you sighing in relief


Photo Credit: Native


Native Deodorant also created a set for this day, in a set of three. And it sounds so sophisticated: the smells are Yuzu and Orange Blossom, Cactus Flower and Poppy, and Pear and Linden Blossom. Native takes pride in “ingredients you can pronounce” and transparency in being clean and cruelty-free. Such a necessity, but something that can bring some fun and nuance to Mother’s Day.


Photo Credit: Philosophy


Philosophy has an A+ gift giving game, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Called the Amazing Grace Set, Philosophy includes a shower gel, an eau de toilette, and a body lotion in this soft and floral set. It’s subtle and nuanced, and it continues that Philosophy knows what it’s doing when it comes to Mom. It is touted to be pampering and beautiful.


Photo Credit: Pureology


Pureology takes a more innovative approach to Mother’s Day. Instead of coming up with one specific set, they understand that many will want to take a more personalized touch to gift giving. They do their share in making this easy: there’s an entire section on the site dedicated in making your own set for her. They offer discount codes and a luxury gift, such as Tortoise Shell Clips, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. And of course, you know you’re getting all the vegan and responsible sustainability shopping with Pureology.


Photo Credit: Origins


Origins released multiple sets just for Mother’s Day: the Be Radiant set, utilizing skin renewing ingredients, the Be Youthful set, with skin firming ingredients, the Be Soothed set, the Be Refreshed set, and the Be Refined set. Even better? Origins touts all natural ingredients, so you know what exactly is going on your mom’s skin.



Fresh also made multiple sets for Mother’s Day, and they can all be found at Sephora. There’s one focused around lips, with scrubs and treatments, one that’s all about face masks, one for more generalized skincare, and… even more than that. They wanted options for us this Mother’s Day, and we sure got them. Even better, Fresh is certified under Clean at Sephora’s program.


Thankfully for us last-minute shoppers, beauty brands continue to have our backs. No mother has to be neglected with the various programs and ideas that are out there for kits and sets these days, and our mothers can continue to have unforgettable days they deserve.


Hannah Muehlberger is a sophomore at Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island, English Literature Major and Women, Gender, and Sexualities studies minor.


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