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Oh 2016,  how were you five years ago? For anyone struggling to think that far back, let me set the scene. Pokemon Go was taking over everyone’s social life, Beyonce made lemonade, and matte, full coverage foundation, and thick, arched IG brows were today’s look.

As we ease further into the 2021s, beauty has evolved quite a bit. Brows are still full but more natural, eyelashes are long and eyeshadow neutral, dewy is preferred over matte.

People on TikTok seem to be feeling nostalgic for the days of 2016 when life was easier and pre-pandemic. TikTokkers divide up their face into two halves – one side for 2016 and one side for 2021. While there are, of course, variations in how people did their make-up during these years, many of the same trends emerge from the videos.

As we all know, 2021 make-up compared to 2016 is more natural, involving a lighter touch particularly when it comes to foundation and eyebrows. In 2016, the Instagram aesthetic was in full swing and the foundation was matte and full coverage, with a Kylie-inspired bold lip.  Today’s look, is more sheer and dewy, with a gloss on the lips.

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♬ Triple S – YN Jay & Louie Ray

Instead of the thick layer of concealer applied under the eyes and baked in 2016, concealer now is only in targeted areas to hide blemishes. Today a light dusting of bronzer is the go-to instead of  2016’s contouring.

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♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

When it comes to the eyes, 2016’s thick, arched IG eyebrows have been replaced by more natural, brushed up brows and the dramatic, precise cut creases have been forgotten in honor of Euphoria looks which are looser, more playful, and often involve rhinestones. Lashes have toned down the drama, with many swapping a full set for half a lash.

Check out the trend in action for yourself through the TikTok hashtag #2016vs2021.