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Why you should subscribe to Vogue’s A- list Beauty Secret Videos-

By August 4, 2018August 6th, 2018No Comments

It has been 13 years since YouTube tarted. Today most people of all ages turn to video for learning content. It was really in 2014 when most millennial turned to beauty You Tubers and Content Creators for makeup tutorials and most “How To” content. In 2016 there were more than 5.3 million beauty videos on YouTube. The majority of these videos were not curated by million-dollar brands, moreover they were created by a beauty lover, also known as, our overused and exhausted title: The Beauty Vlogger. How can we forget those who paved the way, makeup brush and all, Kandee Johnson, Nitraa B, Michelle Phan, Zoe Sugg, Cassandra Bankson, Dulce Candy, Naptural85, Sonia Gasparian, and of course Andreas Choice. The current beauty wannabes would call them the veterans who have cashed in. Next, the massive wave of new beauty wishful.

What about the traditional celebrities that grace our big screens at home? All we knew about their beauty secrets and must haves fell on print periodicals that perhaps a few would purchase. No this is a society of those who rely on their phone for any sort of news. To be able to get your favorite celeb tell you how he or she possibly prepares their face by personally opening up would be a dream.

Leave it to Vogue to create the bathroom makeup “How Tos” of our biggest celebrities in the business. Yes we are talking about the best in the business. How they could command that stardom in which creates trends turning into billions… well we can’t get into how that is just here. However, we will get into why Vogues videos are addicting anyone and everyone, ensuing channel views over 13M.

First off, it’s Vogue. While most publications are concentrating on digital and shutting down print, Vogue has always and is always able to maintain both. This digital series created alongside 73 Questions laid down a foundation with only Star quality names participating, therefore, laying down a foundation for only the best of the best partaking in their digital creations.  Thus it would make sense that the biggest stars creating beauty products would grace the beauty secrets of Vogue. It is luring when you have someone you adore allow you to get a piece of them in a more truthful, maybe vulnerable way. After I watched Rihanna’s “How To”- I loved her more than I had initially. Her grit, playfulness made me want to watch it over and over. It also made me want to buy Fenty eye shadow.

Vogue videos also feel like vogue photo spreads. They are produced beautifully and exudes a true editorial feel. The logo honestly shouts their brand, the lighting permits makeup “How Tos” to look flawless. It is just A-list quality similar to the muses they choose. My question Vogue is this- “ Do you  at least take one practice take with your celebrity you choose?”.

The one thing a viewer may learn while watching some of these celeb figures that I experienced while watching these; could be this, they get to know the muse. I was not a true fan of some of the chosen starlets featured, and then I realized why the nation loves them. However, some celebs I respected, I realized how could I ever adulate them. Kylie Jenner’s video got 12 Million views. As she is the queen of Lip Kits, one can watch her “How To” for Vogue and recognize that she IS very good at makeup. From baking, contouring, to setting and highlighting, Kylie Jenner conveyed to millions who watch Vogue that she has her own tricks and secrets which help any makeup novice.

At the end of the day. We all want someone to admire. These videos transport you to a moment of realness, similarity, perhaps familiarity. That connection is wanting to feel beautiful. A lipstick, blush, or powder can be from whatever cosmetic line they are trying to push, either way fifteen years old or fifty, we buy makeup, or beauty products of all kind for that fact in droves because we feel positive when we are pretty. These Videos from Vogue give you that reminder.


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