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While quarantine life has many of us neglecting some of our more traditional beauty routines in the absence of constant social interaction, this can also be a good time to focus on self-care. Using some of your free time now to find new brands and products that can work for you and get you invigorated and excited about how you look, feel and smell can be a very comforting little pleasure in these trying times. And one new brand that is worth a look right now is EverEden, a conscientious skincare line, formulated for both mommies and babies.

EverEden Product Shot – Image courtesy of EverEden

Founded by investment banker turned entrepreneur Kimberly Ho, EverEden is a skincare company with products created mindfully, which are natural, safe, and sensitive enough to properly treat the skin of newborns. Ho began to notice that the vast majority of skincare products for children and babies on the market were poorly crafted and ill-conceived, with many making use of toxins and other harmful substances. In launching EverEden, which has zero tolerance for even questionable ingredients, Ho has sought to create products that fill what she sees as an obvious void in the marketplace. Indeed, EverEden boasts the strictest standards and longest ingredient exclusion list of any skincare brand, with over 1,400 unique items explicitly named as off-limits.

EverEden Founder Kimberly Ho – Image courtesy of Forbes

Another fascinating element about the EverEden brand that sets it apart is the commitment to moms and the idea of motherhood. As with most reputable skincare lines, EverEden has a team of dermatologists who work to develop and formulate their products. What makes EverEden unique (aside from having only doctors from Ivy League schools) is that all of the employed dermatologists are mothers in addition to doctors, which is an integral aspect to Ho:

“We know that children’s skin is ultra-sensitive and that early exposure to toxins and allergens can affect kids for a lifetime. These experts first helped us source gentle, effective, and natural ingredients, then rigorously tested each and every one to ensure they’re safe and effective on fragile skin. Our team of experts continuously and relentlessly examines emerging research on ingredient safety and children’s skin because it’s our passion and theirs. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve so that our customers don’t have to.”

– Kimberly Ho, EverEden

With a focus on prioritizing premium ingredients and conscientiousness, it will be interesting to see how EverEden grows from here. EverEden’s product line currently features: Soothing Baby Massage Oil, Lifting and Firming Lotion, Multi-Purpose Healing Balm, Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Baby Moisturizing Lotion, Soothing Diaper Rash Cream, Premium Mineral Sunscreen, Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream, and the incredibly unique Soothing Belly Mask Collection. All products are available at

Image courtesy of EverEden