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Wearing a face mask is more important than ever. It’s become a necessary part of modern life in order to protect ourselves and others from the ongoing threat of Covid 19, and is now legally required in areas such as on public transport and in shops. But if you’re a big beauty fan, wearing a mask can make you question how to apply your makeup in order to still stand out, and match your face covering.

gotta have face™ was started in April 2020 to help with the immediate need for masks as a response to COVID-19. Former Fashion Industry Executive, Jaye Hersh-Eigler realized that as the supply for surgical masks for our frontline workers dwindled, she had to create an alternative option for face coverings.

“Now that masks and face coverings are a part of everyday life, we’ve adjusted to incorporating them into our wardrobes,”explains Hersh-Eigler. “We matching them to our work outfits, seek out the most comfortable ones tto wear when working out, and coveting a head-turner to wear on date night. Although the stylish mask evolved out of necessity, it truly has become an add on piece to wear like any other accessory. We are transparent about who we are and show that on our social media and on our website.”

Speaking of which, the ‘See You Smile™’mask, the line’s latest addition, is a lightweight, breathable and comfortable semi-transparent, two-ply mask ($15) scientifically proven to reduce droplets from coughing as much as a CDC recommended two-ply cotton-jersey mask. Although it was originally designed to be marketed to students, teachers and those hard of hearing, it became one of the most popular items across all categories, especially among customers pointing out it’s their favorite go-to mask for working out—especially as masks made from plastic tend to fog up and are difficult to wear for any extended length of time.

Courtesy: Instagram/@gotthaveface

Jaye’s 35 plus years in the L.A. apparel industry prepared her to react quickly and get these masks to market overnight. Jaye wanted to create an overall win-win-win-win. Protect yourself, protect others, help the less fortunate, while looking great and feeling comfortable. She offered an assortment of ladies, men’s and children’s masks available for purchase on Instagram @gottahaveface and on the website, The masks retail from $12.00- $18.00 with the intention that all net proceeds would go to charity.

Courtesy: Instagram/@gottthaveface

With a variety of patterns from tye dye to leopard print, and solid colors on their website, it will be easier to rock your makeup and wear a mask that matches.

Jaye’s message to her followers is: Wearing a mask is a symbol you care. It shows that you care about yourself, others and the common good of your community. gotta have face™… we’ve got you covered.

Fashion Masks for a Cause… gotta have face™ has donated over 403,000 meals to the LA Food Bank to date.

Check out these amazing masks on their Instagram, @gottahaveface, and online