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By Tahiry Sanchez

During the years 2020 and 2021, the year of upheaval, our skin took a beating. From stress breakouts to “maskne” to feeling bland or dry, our appearance reflected the state of the world and our own mental and emotional states. Skin is at the crossroads of beauty and health, and giving it the attention it deserves requires a multifaceted approach. With such a dramatic shift in our skin texture, we’ve found ourselves frantically looking for a solution. The reality is that masks seem to be here to stay, so why not find a way to stay safe while still protecting your skin? HMNKIND is worried about the recent public outcry about the harm that masks have caused to our skin. HMNKIND has become concerned in this popular alert in what masks have caused for our skin. They have created an alternative to staying protective during this pandemic, along with creating a protective barrier with your skin and the oil absorptions on your skin, that create those unwanted blemishes. 

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Here are two concerns that HMNKIND took under consideration with their new refined alternative to your basic mask. First is the renounced concern of “maskne”, which is the term in which acne and clogged pores appear from wearing the mask for too long. The second concern they took under consideration, is the “skin mechanica” in which it is the irritation that appears on your skin from the friction of the fabric of the mask. HMKIND partnered with Korean beauty skincare experts and created the APM face mask. This new elevation to your usual mask has increase the benefits in wearing the mask every day. Benefits of the new APM Face Mask; It is antibacterial! The new APM face mask was created with antibacterial technology. The condensed polyurethane foam was built into the cellular structure in which helps defend your skin against microorganisms and other pollutants. It is ultra-plush! The light airy foam helps minimize irritation, in which it will help your skin get back to its healthy barrier and glow like before. APM face mask is a great option that is super effective in reducing imperfection with any type of blemish coming your way.