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“J Beauty” Leader- Shiseido launches Essential Energy Collection

By February 12, 2018March 3rd, 2021No Comments

Shiseido, the leader in Japanese prestige beauty and skincare, introduces Essential Energy – a new era in skincare, inspired by neuro-science. The new Essential Energy collection of three moisturizers, offers a fundamental solution to skin’s declining responsive power with breakthrough ReNeura Technology which reawakens the skin’s ability to detect and transmit signals allowing it to better react to outside stimulus or environmental stressors, preventing damage in real-time.

Created for woman in their 30’s, as the cycle of skin’s ability to regularly detect and transmit information to the brain weakens, resulting in a lower defense against aggressors attacking the skin. Essential Energy reawakens the skins ability to respond to skincare and counteract dullness, roughness, and the appearance of fine lines while treating it to texture and fragrances that stimulate the senses.There is no other product out there that can bring a bio-cellular breakthrough to skincare that reboots skin’s sensors deep below the surface for skin that’s softer,renewed, and reinvigorated. Three key ingredients make the magic of this product; ReNeura Technology, Ashitaba extract, and an Active Response Powder.

Leave it to Shiseido to kill the game yet again with a scientific approach that maximizes skin’s responsiveness to skincare. Three products make up this collection; The Essential Energy Day Cream with SPF 20, The Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream, and The Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream each offered at $48.00.



This Japanese skin care line has always been the leader of discipline custom and routine. Shiseido understands the need of wellness and practice for their beauty followers. Leading the skin care space, Shiseido, continually breaks technological barriers and continues to innovate women who value their beauty precisely. Recently, at a Los Angeles event, millennials had the chance to experience the brand in a way they have never before.  Shiseido opened up to their LA millennials in a modern format creating interest and reconnecting brand loyalty.Current fans of the latest collection are; Jamie Chung and Sonoya Mizuno to name a few.





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