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J-Beauty Show with Candice Kumai Celebrates Shiseido’s 150th Anniversary
By: Tahiry Sanchez 

We are so excited to share the amazing news of a new partnership and YouTube series between Candice Kumai, and Shiseido, the original Japanese beauty brand, which is celebrating its 150th year this year! Candice Kumai is a wellness journalist, writer, and best-selling author. Candice focuses a lot on writing and talking about integrating wellness understanding, traditional Japanese culture, and aesthetic prowess in everyday life. Something that rings true to what you can see on the very first episode of Shiseido’s YouTube series. The first episode gives us a detailed introduction to how Shiseido started their empire and about the founder Arinobu Fukuhara. The show premiered in March and will be airing bi-weekly, on Fridays throughout 2022.

“Focus on the present moment”- Candice states in the third episode and explains the great importance of staying center, focused, and mindful. She introduces a matcha green tea recipe and how a daily morning routine is very important both internally and externally. Next, she touches base on her experience studying with monks and how important it is to live your life in the moment. Shiseido is sometimes referred to as being the most prominent Japanese cosmetics firm, and one of the key reasons for this is that their culture and traditions are passed down via each of their products.

In episode 4 she brings us along with her nightly routine, and how her family for generations has used tea as a great remedy to help with their skin routine. These are detailed-oriented teas, which include the history and art of Japanese skin care. Candice gives us her top-secret Shiseido products she uses for her night layering face routine, and how to get the perfect cleansing face routine to get a great night’s rest.

Episode 5 was super special to see because we got to get an inside scoop of meeting Candice Kumai’s mom, Miho Kumai. They both spoke about where she grew up in Japan and what life was like growing up. She also explains what she believes is the most important part about women in Japan and their beauty secrets. Of course, she mentioned the magic of Shiseido and how it has been around for years among women in Japan. But, I won’t spoil much, definitely go and check out their favorite products on this episode.

The multi-faceted world of JBeauty and Shiseido is the focus of this 24-episode YouTube series. From relaxation routines to pure cleansing and healthy drinks, Candice Kumai really touches base on how she connects Shiseido to her own knowledge of the perfect skin routines she has been taught from generation to generation.

Tune in to YouTube and go check out this amazing series and all the power of Shiseido!

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