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By: Dania Al-Dhaif

Versine is an up and coming vegan skincare brand that is designed to be safe for expecting mothers–or anyone for that matter! As of now, the brand has two serums for purchase, both retailing at $80 each–the Calm & Hydrate Serum, made for acne-prone skin, and the Illuminate Multi-Tasking Serum, made for dry and/or sensitive skin. Versine’s products address fine lines, dull skin, and breakouts. Versine’s beloved founder, Jennie Gao, started the brand back in 2020 after having a difficult time finding skincare that was safe to use during her pregnancy. 

Their products are packed full of skincare active ingredients like Vitamin C (dark spots and melasma), Azelaic Acid (acne, inflammation and hyperpigmentation), Kakadu Plum Extract (natural Vitamin C and antioxidant), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane. Although Gao formulated the product to be safe for those who are expecting a little one, anyone is free to use the skincare. Say bye-bye to acne with Versine!

Besides the brand’s diversity in the skincare industry, what really caught my attention was the eco-friendly packaging, and that’s a big thing to celebrate with Earth Day on the way. The bottles are created with European-made Miron glass that block out the most damaging light, which can cause ingredients to lose their efficacy. Their products also contain no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Versine’s main goal when creating the skincare was the pH of the product within range of skin’s natural pH, by selecting ingredients that can tolerate such levels. Vegan, eco-friendly, AND made with ingredients safe enough for pregnant women? Sign me up!

So what makes Versine so great, besides everything I previously mentioned? The team behind the brand consists of 3 experts: Dr. Tia Paul, a Dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Lo, an OBGYN, and Jillian Wright, a Master Aesthetician. All products are tested and approved by the team to ensure the highest quality, and if that doesn’t convince you to try this brand, I don’t know what will! Kiss those blemishes goodbye, and smooth out those fine lines by purchasing Versine at