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By Hannah Muehlberger

Ah, who doesn’t love a nice spa treatment? Just letting yourself unwind, relax and give even your skin a day off from staring at a computer. Spa treatments, even facials are getting more and more innovative as different cosmetic and skincare companies start being used in spa and wellness centers. Whether it’s in a resort or just a spa, it’s amazing how these facilities can make the spaces so soothing and quiet. There are many benefits to going to spas and getting treatments regularly, or even just on vacation. A nice facial especially can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is because the treatments used during your facial stimulate your skin cells and promote regeneration. Getting regular facials can also help with better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, this can also be achieved at home by using tools like a jade roller or gua shia board. However, if you are looking for some of the best places to get a spa facial, here are some of the best spa facial treatments to get in the US.

The Lodge at Woodloch Spa- Hawley, PA

Looking to de-stress and have a facial that is suitable for any skin type? Look no further. A spa retreat that will help bring your mind and body at ease, in the Lodge you will be able to immerse yourself in meditation, yoga, pilates, gratitude nature walks, and of course, a trip to the spa. Give yourself some me-time and relax in the eucalyptus steam room, dry sauna, Hydromassage WaterWalls, indoor and outdoor whirlpools as well as an indoor pool for the hour before as well as the hour after your scheduled treatment. Their facials also come in a plethora of different treatments for whatever your skin needs. Treatments include their HydraFacial, Haia, Kerstin Florian’s Facial, and a selection of facial enhancements. However, if you’re looking for a facial as a beginner, the HydraFacial is just for you. You can choose from either a Deluxe facial or a Platinum facial. The Deluxe facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, while a signature booster of your choice addresses your specific concerns. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging. A 45-minute session perfect for all skin types! The Platinum HydraFacial includes a start of a detoxification process with lymphatic drainage. Then, the customized HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice while LED light therapy helps to reduce signs of aging. Enjoy a calming peel-off mask and relaxing arm & hand massage in this truly transformative facial. And if you are looking for an extra boost, you can add a HydraFacial Enhancement for your neck, hands, eyes, and lips. This spa is perfect for anyone looking for a hydrating and age erasing facial and relaxing retreat!

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Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa- Teton Villiage, WY

If you are looking for a ski and spa getaway, you might want to book tickets for this Mountain Lodge in Wyoming. Known as a rustic relaxing village of luxury, indoor elegance and outdoor experiences combine each season at Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa. North America’s best skiing and the breathtaking backdrops of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks welcome guests to the ideal home base for exploring Wyoming’s wild landscapes. This classic alpine lodge offers slopeside convenience and relaxed, rustic luxury at an exclusive setting in the heart of Teton Village with Western-meets-worldly style, locally-sourced dining, and upscale amenities setting the standard for refined mountain living. And what is more perfect after a few days of skiing than a nice restful day at the spa? Teton Mountain Lodge has a beautiful and luxurious spa called SpaTerre for you to get relaxed and renew your body and skin with their upscale treatments. With amenities like bath rituals, cyrotherapies, infrared sauna, and pain management, their facials are ones you will want to book first. With a selection of facials specializing in Cryo Anti-Aging, Derma-Protect, Pristine™ Refining, Holistic High-Performance Skincare, Clinical Skincare, DERMAFUSE®, and PRISTINE ™ facials, this spa will rejuvenate your skin one treatment at a time. However, if you are looking for an anti-aging, yet hydrating indulgent facial, you might want to try either the Intensive Hydration™ or Collagen Booster™ facial. You can choose between one 30 minute treatment or six treatments over the course of your stay at the lodge to experience an Intensive Hydration™ facial that rehydrates & replenishes skin, one that is great for dry, sensitive skin, and for regular skin maintenance. Or if you want to tighten, restore, and revive your skin’s elasticity, the Collagen Booster™ treatment is for you. What is great about this spa’s facials is that they use products from QMS Medicosmetics, a medical-grade skin-care brand that is a three-time winner of the World Spa Award! QMS Medicosmetics is used in the Teton Lodge Facials, and what’s even better is you can purchase the products to bring the spa to your own home!

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Corbu Spa & Salon at The Charles Hotel- Cambridge, MA

This spa located in The Charles Hotel in the heart of Harvard Square includes the Corbu Spa which offers a harmonious escape from the stresses of urban life. This spa features Eminence, a handmade, cruelty-free organic skincare line. The spa’s menu is a rotating one of seasonal treatments dreamed up by Chef Peter Davis, who handpicks the locally harvested ingredients featured in the spa treatments and the hotel’s food. This spa and salon offer luxurious services such as massages, facials, scalp and hair treatments, waxing, and other full-body remedies. This spa’s facials offer six different specialties, and each one will deliver a relaxing and refreshing regime. The facials offered include their Radiance Facial, Classic Corbu Facial, Dermaclear, and Hydrafacial. The Radiance Facial will help brighten skin tone and eliminate dull skin and diminish signs of aging. It highlights their first all-organic fruit peel that will boost collagen production and infuse skin with powerful antioxidant-rich products. The spa’s own Classic Corbu Facial will clean, nourish and rejuvenate tired, dull skin leaving you refreshed and invigorated. If you are looking for a more detoxifying facial, the Dermaclear treatment will be your first step towards a fresh and unblemished complexion. Undermine acne-causing bacteria, promote clearer, more even-textured skin with this deep cleansing facial. And lastly, but certainly not least, the Hydrafacial is a modality that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously. It results in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-irritating, and can be tailored to all skin types and conditions.

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The Spa at La Costa- Carlsbad, CA

In 2012, La Costa completed a property-wide $50 million renovation (which included a spa redesign in both architecture and menu) and unveiled a brand new Workplace Wellbeing Program at the holistic Chopra Center, founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra himself. This program combines Ayurvedic teachings, yoga, meditation and integrative medicine to help set you up for actual work-life balance after you leave La Costa. Omni La Costa Resort & Spa provides a refreshing retreat any time of year. Located just north of San Diego in Carlsbad, the resort is within easy reach of beaches and popular tourist attractions, like Legoland. La Costa invites you to unwind and recharge with a host of thoughtful amenities and services for a special California adventure. Or, immerse yourself in the La Costa lifestyle with a year-round membership to The Club at La Costa to enjoy amenities like golf, tennis courts, and spa access. Another spa on our list that offers HydraFacial treatments, La Costa’s spa includes its own HydraFacial that transforms your skin health through the merging of innovative spa therapies and advanced medical technology. Resurface with Vortex-Fusion® to uncover layers of new skin and allow gentle suction to extract impurities and infuse intense moisturizers to nourish. Your skin surface is saturated with antioxidants and peptides to brighten, firm, and maximize your glowing complexion. With choices of specializations such as a Deramabuilder Boost, Lymphatic Drainage, LED Light Therapy, or Osea Warm Gigartina treatment, your skin will be glowing along with the West Coast sunset! La Costa’s Hydrafacials also offer extra add-ons such as a Growth Factor super serum that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin health and vitality, or their Dermabuilder super serum that curtails signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides. These spa facials will help your skin detoxify, and renew.

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The Spa at The Brown Palace Hotel- Denver, CO

What makes this spa stand out is their Bee Royalty Initiative, and their approach of nurturing a rooftop colony of bees in order to use the honey produced. From a signature line of beauty products to inventive cocktails, the spa uses the honey produced by more than 200,000 bees, and a portion of the proceeds from all honey-based Bee Royalty products is donated to the Denver Beekeeper Association. Retreat into one of the six luxurious private treatment rooms, a nail and hair salon, or VIP couples treatment room for an unparalleled spa experience. The Brown Palace Hotel thoughtfully curates its services and products to treat guests to the most refreshing and indulgent services imaginable. Their spa uniquely offers treatments that draw water from our natural artesian well, located 750 feet beneath the hotel. Let your stress fade away as you embark on an adventure that unites body, mind, and soul at our luxury Colorado spa. With 10 different specializations of facials, there are enough choices for anyone who may not want a traditional spa facial. To start, their Brown Palace Signature Facial features an advanced enzymatic peel that is coupled with layers of skin-tightening masks, which are systematically applied to mimic an aerobic, toning exercise for the face, visually improving muscle tone, firmness, and elasticity. Afterward revolutionary serums of proteins and vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular function, dramatically enhancing the appearance of skin tone and texture. Their Acne Clearing Facial includes their Epicuren® acne treatments that utilize a combination of exfoliating enzymes, sulfur, propolis, and probiotics to give a noticeably clearer complexion. This facial incorporates a powerful purifying mask made from a blend of botanical essences in a base of volcanic ash and china clay, two of nature’s most effective detoxifiers. Results are most effective when accompanied by proper home care. Or maybe even treat yourself to their True Radiance Custom Facial. Treat your skin with this custom-tailored facial. Your expert facialist will determine the best approach to serving your skin’s unique needs. Begin with a consultation and experience an array of exfoliants, specialized massage techniques, a cocktail of facial masks, and cutting-edge organic serums to leave your skin refreshed, healthy, and flawlessly radiant!

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Moana Lani Spa, at the Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa- Honolulu, HI

We couldn’t make a list of spa facials without adding one from Hawaii! A state complied of small islands that are tropical and heavenly, you cannot visit Hawaii without visiting a spa. This spa may be housed in Waikiki’s oldest hotel – it opened in 1901, and is often dubbed the “First Lady of Waikiki” – but to this day, feels incredibly fresh, clean, and airy. It also happens to be the city’s only oceanfront spa; hence, its popularity with both tourists and locals alike. The extensive, 17,000 square foot facilities are spotless and sparkling, but the care delivered is what really conveys a sense of aloha. The Spa has choices of relaxing treatments comprised of body rituals, essential care for hands and feet, heavenly touch massages, and of course, heavenly facials. Their selection of facials is quite extensive, options include ones of a traditional facial, a preference of HydraFacials, and skincare enhancements. Some of the facials we chose to focus on include their Signature Lomi Facial, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial, and their Diamonds and Gold Facial. First, their Signature Lomi Facial uses lomilomi massage techniques which assist in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and strengthening facial muscles. Local ingredients are also utilized to further enhance the firming effects of the facial revealing a firm, fresh, and renewed appearance. However, if you are looking for a more unique facial experience, look no more with their Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial that utilizes the flow of oxygen. This powers the luxurious, instantly hydrating facial experience with undeniable visible lifting and toning. Fully rehydrated skin isn’t just smooth, it’s firm, lit, and mysteriously gravity-defying. This facial comes with a choice of Rejuvenate Treatment (For all skin types) OR an Opulence Treatment (For uneven or sun-damaged skin). But it is understandable if some people prefer a bit of bling in their facials, so that’s why we’ve included the Diamonds and Gold Facial that helps you experience the deep exfoliation along with a customized cleansing, toning, and our signature gold mask for soothing and firming the skin. Superior to the standard microdermabrasion, the Moana Lani Spa employs diamond tips that are much more effective but also very gentle.

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Whether you are looking for a facial or a massage to rejuvenate your skin and body, visit one of these places to give yourself, and your skin, a bit of a vacation and some me-time!