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“Catch Some Glow!”
By: Tahiry Sanchez 

When was the last time you put on a full face of makeup? From the runway and off runway, the dewy natural look is the new trending makeup glow you will be seeing. Minimal makeup and natural glow is what this Spring 2021 has in store for us. With such drastic changes in the world we are living in today, there has also been a change in our wardrobe and go to makeup styles. With few occasions to attend and not wanting to feel too bare, many makeup gurus have their own twists in creating that dewy glow but more natural. Styling the dewy look

with a subtle lip color and relaxed eyeshadow glow, many have become fans of this popular makeup look. Not only has this trend been popping in this season’s Fashion Week catwalk, but it has also been seen all over Instagram and Tik-Tok, setting a statement for both everyday gal makeup fans and celebrities. Vanessa Hudgens and Yara Shahidi have sure brought in a pop with this look, letting their followers know they are all about the natural glow.

This new makeup trend is all about posing in amazing light in which you can see the detail. There are reels and stories of tutorials on how you can make a unique, natural look. To name a few, Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu have given mini tutorials on how to embrace this new look. What better way to embrace yourself than letting your natural features come out? This natural glow trend has created a balance in the makeup industry. Many can relate to wanting to get all dolled up because it can lift your mood, but there are times when you want to feel natural and let people see your freckles, blush pink cheeks, or maybe your natural skin color under the sunlight. This has allowed makeup gurus learn to balance their makeup in any direction they prefer.

Top 5 Products for a Dewy Look:

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez
Mini Illuminating Primer- Always An Optimist Collection $14


oil serum hybri, Lip Gloss
cushiony glassy shine, and Cloud Paint
seamless cheek color $50


NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer $17


Revlon ColorStay Endless Glow Liquid Highlighter (Various Shades) $10