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By Hannah Muehlberger

This year’s Golden Globes event was one of the most fashionable and stylish yet! The 80th Annual Golden Globes premiered a few nights ago on January 10th, 2023. This year was the first time in a few years that the Globes has premiered due to previous years of COVID-19 restrictions and industry boycotting from ethical issues among the participants. However, this year did not disappoint, with diverse winners and amazing glamour from the talented actors, actresses, and all of those who write, direct, produce and perform in the movies and television shows nominated. Looking good under the hot lights and the LA heat was a difficult task, but stylist Holly Silius, welcomed the challenge when designing the look for Emma D’Arcy, House of Dragon nominated actress. 


With the help of Shiseido’s products, Holly Silius and Rose Forde helped create the beautiful, eye-catching (no pun intended) look of Emma D’Arcy’s makeup. According to Silius, “After working with Emma and their stylist, Rose Forde, I knew the inspiration was going to be thoughtful and expressive with a confident but chic nature to it. The makeup had to be strong and neoteric, in line with Emma”

English actor Emma D’Arcy arrives for the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on January 10, 2023. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown / AFP) (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

Starting with a strong yet flawless base, Silius used SYNCHRO SKIN-Soft Blurring Primer to blur the cheeks and nose area.  Silius states that “primer is important for me especially for red carpet, so the makeup has more staying power and the added benefit of blurring, the perfect primer base for the foundation”. Next Shiesdo’s SYNCHRO SKIN SELF-REFRESHING Foundation SPF 30 in both the colors of 120 Ivory and 220 Linen were mixed together “for different slight contouring of the face and really blended the silky product out, it blends so well with Shiseido blender brushes, a must have in my kit”. To add to a flawless base, Silius added just a touch of SYNCHRO SKIN SELF-REFRESHING Concealer (102 Fair) under the eyes, “we don’t need to totally remove the eye darkness as this look lends itself well to an added realness of the eye socket and this formula is so light it’s easy to build up or keep light. I don’t ever bring the concealer up to the lash root as I feel that the real natural shade of the lash root is so important for any makeup look”. Onto the color buildup of the look, Silius swept the InnerGlow CheekPowder (Ambient White 09) over the cheekbones and ears and around the edge of the eyebrows. To highlight all those accents on the facial bone structure.


The main attraction of D’Arcy’s look was the “Cry Baby” inspired look of the eye makeup. Silius gave insight into the inspiration by saying “John Waters ‘Cry Baby,’ imagery was an idea from Rose for the beauty direction. I respect Rose’s constant creative ingenuity and she trusts me to run with the idea. I am also a huge fan of John Waters so this was a dream for me. I studied him for my dissertation at university, so I always go back to these raw images for personal inspiration of rebellion and paving your own way”. For the eyes, the look started with Kajal InkArtist – Shadow, Liner, Brow (08 Gunjo Blue, 09 Nippon Noir) all around the eyes and over the eyelid and then adding in 09 Nippon Noir in an imperfect smudged way around the eye, lining the top and bottom of the eye. Letting it settle with the natural oils of the skin and eyes creates that punk/goth worn-in aspect of the look.  Silius stressed the importance to create layers to the look and all the layers start to assemble together with the softness of the skin and the dynamic eyes. To add depth to the eyes, Silius added the watery silver above the eye crease in POP PowderGel Eye Shadow in 01 Shin-Shin Crystal, and then to accentuate the blue she used shade 17 Zaa-Zaa Navy; these eyeshadows are super creamy and pigmented. She then pulled down the tear with the Kajal InkArtist – Shadow, Liner, Brow in 08 Gunjo Blue, adding tiny details of the shadow and then finally applying her favorite product of the look the playful, Shimmer GelGloss in shade 10, for the teardrop and all over the lid and around the root of the lower lash. It’s intimidating to add a gloss over eyeshadow as it will disintegrate it but that is the fun part of this deconstructed look, the organic nature of this process then will reveal the creases and the ambiguity.  Emma’s brows already have a unique shape at the moment, so Silius felt the tear had to be on the side of the split brow keeping it in line with the thoughtful look. Silius notes that she “knew Emma would own this look, effortlessly collaborating on the details with them. Looking at New Romantics and Punk references to meander through the look with the pearlescent skin and softness to counter effect the punk, worn-in eye makeup and having accents of the blues for the literal sense of the tears and the gloss effect”. Then time for a little more neutral gloss for the lips, they have delicate flecks of glitter and unexpected colors which Silius admits she is always attracted to, Shimmer GelGloss in shade 02.  Finally, a little touch of SYNCHRO SKIN Invisible Silk Loose Powder (Radiant) to lock in some of the makeup on the t-zone keeping all other areas gleaming and glossy.


Holly had a lot of fun creating this look and working with both Emma and Rose. Holly described how she loved “ worn-in makeup, so I let it naturally work its way into the creases and keep the skin flawless. Shiseido has such a fun array of glosses for this, so it was definitely my go to for this thrilling design”.


Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees! And if you want the same stunning look as Emma, you can click the links to buy Shiseido’s products that made the look possible!