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Top 10 Indie Brands to Check Out at the New Allure Store on Lafayette Street

By September 7, 2021No Comments

By: Caitlin Stiles

It’s impossible to hit the beauty scene and not hear of Allure. Allure has been gracing us with all things beauty since 1991: trends, spotlights, news, and editorials, keeping us up to date on all of our obsessions (not to mention ones we don’t even know of yet!) On July 1st, they tackled one of their biggest endeavors yet.

Allure opened its very first store in NYC, on the iconic Lafayette Street, with hours from 11am to 7pm. The store already boasts 150+ brands for hair, makeup, skincare, and more. Just surfing through the many options can be overwhelming, so we have narrowed down to our ten favorite brands Allure now carries. They’re all indie and eco-friendly!


1. Inna Organics

Inna Organics is the only Taiwanese brand offered in the Allure store, and those who know its background are aware of how special this is. This small company is dedicated towards a spa-like experience with only organic, clean, and responsibly sourced ingredients. Certified with both the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and EU’s COSMOS (Cosmetic and Organic Natural Standard), Inna Organics is dedicated to nourishing our skin.

Product offered: Frankincense Revitalizing Face Cream, $109.99

2. Orgaid

Another skincare company with its origins in the medical industry, Orgaid was founded by Dr. Ian Baek from Anaheim, California. A scientist with a PhD in Biomaterial Sciences and a decade of Drug Delivery studies under his belt, he decided to apply his knowledge to opening a skincare company. The development of Orgaid products uses a combination of organic ingredients and technology he learned over the years. Despite how big it all sounds, the company remains quite modest: he actually founded the business for his wife’s sake! Orgaid continues this at-home approach, even with all the science backing it up.

Product offered: Organic Sheet Masks Multi-Pack, $36

3. Whish Beauty

Whish Beauty started as a simple “wish” by Aimee Werner, hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. She wanted a shaving cream that actually worked well. She used her husband’s in a pinch, and realized it worked so much better than any other product meant for women she had used before. The problem? The smell, naturally! Developing this shaving cream worked as a springboard for the rest of their company: they now offer moisturizers, serums, hand sanitizer, deodorant, candles, and so much more. Again, it’s all about natural ingredients (that smell amazing, of course!)

Product offered: Night Cream with Bakuchiol, $72


4. Alima Pure

This one, hailing from Portland, Oregon, tugs on the heartstrings. Kate O’Brien was a kindergarten teacher when she came up with Alima Pure. The passing of her mother and aunt, both from complications of breast cancer, made her turn inwards to process her grief. She found herself experimenting with creating natural skincare, and then natural makeup on the weekends to find balance with her very “outward” day job. Alima Pure strives for connection across our communities, and does it with the environment and clean ingredients in mind.

Products offered: Cream Blush, $28 and Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex, $34

5. Hey Honey

Hey Honey is another brand that so many women can relate to. Katerina Yoffe-Larden founded the company simply because a mom on-the-go in digital marketing doesn’t have the time to dive deep into skincare. She wanted products designed for her lifestyle, instead of having to make sacrifices in her own life. She also kept in mind so many relatable factors: lack of sleep, stress, and exposure to environmental issues. The brand focuses on two ingredients: propolis, and of course, honey! Hey Honey started as a skincare company, but has hit the makeup scene with incredible CC creams.

Products offered: Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum, $49 and Trick & Treat CC2 Cream Active Moisturizing Cream with Honey and Propolis, $39

6. Meloway

Founded by brothers Ash and Aiden Kim, makeup artists in Brooklyn, the two were interested in high-utility makeup that naturally paves the way for inclusivity. They know that beauty is key for self-expression and speaking one’s truth, so they started with the basics: brows, eyelashes, liner. Their brow products have an incredible helix wand for ease of use. Their liner comes with a built-in remover. Their mascara wand adjusts. Meloway is all about making beauty accessible for every background imaginable.

Products offered: Your Way Mascara – Super Black, $22


7. Everist

Jessica Stevenson and Jayme Jenkins are driven towards a high performance hair company that is zero waste and, for their first venture, “waterless!” They produced shampoo concentrates that don’t contain water, when most shampoos are 70% water. To boot, their products are clean, easy-to-use, and super sustainable.
Product offered: Waterless Shampoo Concentrate, $24

8. Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty is a labor of love from founder Julian Addo, whose given name is Adwoa. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, her journey as a hairstylist and salon owner has not been an easy one. She has moved from Staten Island, to Minnesota, only to go back to NYC, overcoming immigration issues, layoffs, and even neighborhood violence. Her unique experience in salon work, banking, and business all combined to find Adwoa Beauty, designed for African hair and determined to finally give representation where representation is due. Adwoa is known for giving incredible moisture, key for textured hair.
Product offered: Baomint Moisturizing Curl Defining Gel, $32

Bath and Body:

9. Vita Liberata

Tanning doesn’t have to be dangerous, and Irish-native Alyson Hogg has learned this since starting her company back in 2003. With origins as an anti-aging skincare line, it has now included self-tanning formulations as alternatives to harmful sun exposure. It boasts all natural and organic ingredients, and boasts technology where these ingredients work together for incredible, seamless results.

Product offered: Body Blur HD Skin Finish $38.99

10. Luv Scrub

Luv Scrub is so simple, but so effective. It’s a story that starts in West Africa, and the business savvy Caroline Owusu-Ansah knew exactly what to do with it. The communities in West Africa, particularly in Caroline’s home of Ghana, used a body mesh exfoliator in place of a loofah. Caroline developed a background in Retail Merchandising and Branding, and when people complimented her on her skin and asked what she used, she knew she stumbled on a business opportunity. Now, Luv Scrub enjoys rave reviews and an updated design that comes in different colors.

Products offered: Mesh Body Exfoliator, $18

Allure launching its first shop is sure to shift the beauty scene, and we are already excited by its offerings so far. What have you snatched up from the new store? What are you most excited for?