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Taiwanese Trailblazer Inna Organics Paves the Way for Clean Beauty, To Launch In NYC Allure Store

By August 17, 2021August 19th, 2021No Comments

By: Caitlin Stiles

The Taiwanese company Inna Organics is the first of its kind in many ways, even with the clean beauty trend in global swing.

They are the first company in Taiwan to ever be certified by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and COSMOS. They even made some of the first organic sheet masks!

The brand’s goal is relatable and simple: the cleanest possible skincare adhering to clean and sustainable regulations, approaching the most sensitive of skin with powerful results. They aim for that spa experience with safe ingredients, and never chemicals like parabens and sulfates. However, the approach that co-founder Cecily Pan takes makes Inna Organics stand apart, ensuring a bright and colorful future.

Inna means child in Taiwanese, which is fitting. Cecily’s first child was born with a rare, chronic form of eczema, and finding products that were safe for his skin was far too challenging. Making the cleanest skincare that is both gentle and effective became Cecily’s mission, but this also gave her company a unique spin on family and tradition. A lot of love and dedication pours through the brand, from how they carefully select each ingredient to their 1% initiative – they donate 1% of their profits to supporting childhood education in rural and disadvantaged communities.

Their core set of products demonstrate this level of care: they stick to the basics, while highlighting the “hero” ingredients that inspire them.

They chose the core four with regard to their history in both skincare and fragrance: rejuvenating frankincense, moisturizing myrrh, soothing rose geranium, and brightening neroli. All can be found in their skincare, with favorite products being the Frankincense Revitalizing Face & Eye Cream, the Neroli Brightening Serum, and of course, their many, many sheet masks.

With an established following in Taiwan, Inna Organics’ next goal is to target the clean beauty audiences in the United States. They will begin in a collaboration with the Allure store, as the only Taiwanese brand, which recently opened its doors on Lafayette Street, located in New York City. Inna Organics can otherwise be purchased at and