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Mom and Baby Skincare Savior Evereden Expansion To Cult Beauty

By August 10, 2021No Comments


by Hannah Muehlberger

During pregnancy, your body changes in so many ways, and some changes are unexpected, especially with your skin. A change in hormones can create a new environment among your epidermis that some new moms can stress over. Luckily, the skincare line Evereden has set out a goal to help new moms with not only their own new skin issues that come with pregnancy, but also safe and developed by doctors who are moms themselves! Their products contain only reliable and anti-inflammatory ingredients, safe for even the most sensitive skin. The brave moms at Evereden have a strict non-inclusion policy for any ingredient that might cause irritation or sensitivity for your skin — regardless of whether it’s natural or organic. Evereden develops research-backed, plant-based skin- and body- formulas for modern families. Placing a strong emphasis on the integration of nourishing ingredients more akin to those found in luxury facial skincare, Evereden products are formulated with gold-standard ingredients with compelling scientific literature such as cold-processed sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, marula, and rosehip oils. Evereden’s products are safe, natural for every age, especially you and your baby.

Now Evereden’s availability has expanded! Evereden’s products are now available to purchase and browse on the popular UK beauty website, Cult Beauty. Now, Evereden at Cult Beauty will provide residents of the UK with doubled expertise: Evereden’s products are made by Moms in Medicine™, and Cult Beauty employs a world-class expert panel that evaluates products for efficiency, efficacy, and stand-alone brilliance. Together, Evereden and Cult Beauty will satisfy a growing demand—by women during pregnancy and post-partum, and for children from newborn stages and beyond—for elevated, everyday essentials.

Cult Beauty has a wide variety of products by Evereden for every age of your baby and every stage of your pregnancy (even post-partum) Their products include a Golden Belly Serum, that contains ingredients like marula oil, Centella, and Asiatica and helps to build collagen products, which helps reduce stretch marks up to 62% in eight weeks. This serum will help moms feel more comfortable in their skin as it boosts elasticity while also bringing premium hydration provided by rosehip oil and passion fruit oil.

Buy it on Cult Beauty for £33.00

Another product geared towards stretch marks is their Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream. This product contains collagen and peptides to help strengthen skin and give a smoother feel and appearance. With also the inclusion of shea butter and mango seed butter, this will give an equally luxurious feel and hydration. Not only is this cream good for new moms, but it can be used even when your kid is in high school! (Although that is a long way away)

Buy it on Cult Beauty for £40.00

This next product which despite the label, can be used for any age. Evereden’s Baby Shampoo and Body Wash give a squeaky-clean wash without the tight and actual squeaking that is usually the result of over-drying ordinary shower and bath products. This shampoo and wash is gentle and yet packs a punch with its variety of pros it carries with its natural coconut-derived ingredients. With a combination of ingredients (all-natural ones of course) including sunflower seed oil, oat, and coconut, this wash will help restore your skin’s natural pH balance and will help strengthen your skin’s delicate moisture barrier.

Buy it on Cult Beauty for £16.00

Lastly, this next skincare product, similar to Evereden’s Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, can also be shared with you and your baby. Babies have very sensitive skin, and their skin can easily react to the most common and even non-allergen items. Luckily, Evereden’s Nourishing Baby Moisturizer will help soothe and combat serious dryness and irritation that common allergens bring on or just a flare-up that needs to be relegated. With ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba seed oil, Evereden’s baby moisturizer will help prevent future inflammation, sensitivity, and dryness.

Buy it on Cult Beauty for £28.00


The products above are just some of the many Evereden products that are now available to purchase through Cult Beauty. Each product by Evereden is safe, gentle and always made with the best intentions for you and your baby’s skin. Happy Hydration!