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Being BOMANE: A Q&A with ‘BOMANE’ Beverly Hills Hair Salon Co-Founder Andrea Jaclyn

By January 14, 2020June 25th, 2020No Comments

BOMANE Beverly Hills


BeautyDabble: What is BOMANE Hair Salon known for?

Andrea Jaclyn: California hair. Undone, natural and healthy hair. Think ‘Victoria’s Secret’ hair.


BOMANE Salon Co-Owner/Co-Founder Andrea Jaclyn


BD: When did you open?

AJ: We opened our doors in early 2017.


BD: What do you want Los Angeles to know about BOMANE?

AJ: Every one of our team members has been added to our family because they are truly incredible stylists and genuinely want to cater to their clients. It’s really about the experience here at BOMANE. Our team supports each other, and our mission statement is “creating beauty, hair, and happiness.” You really feel like a part of the family when you’re here, and we’re very proud of that.


BOMANE Salon in Beverly Hills


BD: What makes BOMANE salon different from others?

AJ: BOMANE is a “beauty destination escape.” A place where you can come to treat yourself and leave feeling truly recharged. You know you will walk away feeling incredible about your hair and feeling generally relaxed. A session at BOMANE is a more private experience, really focusing on customer service. (Fellow co-founder) Sonny and I enjoy connecting with our clients and ensuring that the members of our team have what they need so they can focus on what they are meant to be doing – creating incredible hair and ensuring that their guests have a wonderful experience.


BD: What is your best-kept personal beauty secret?

AJ: It sounds simple, but OIL! One bottle of high-quality hair oil (Davines OI Beauty Potion is my favorite) can really change your hair. I urge clients to use pre-blowout for heat protection and PRE-SHAMPOO on their ends to protect them before shampooing. Your scalp needs cleansing, and your ends need moisture.


‘The Bachelor’ star Angela Amezcua sits down with stylist Liz Rexroat at BOMANE for a new ‘do


BD: How long have you worked behind the chair?

AJ: Thirteen years, since I was 18 years old.


BD: Tell us about how you got started.

AJ: Since I was too young to remember, I always knew I wanted to do hair and open my own business. I LOVE making people feel cared for and looked after. What a beautiful lot in life, to be able to make people feel their best! I feel very lucky when anyone trusts me with their beauty. I don’t take it lightly. Hair is huge.


Star of ‘The Bachelor’ Angela Amezcua pictured with BOMANE Salon Co-owner/Co-founder Sonny Henty


BD: What makes hair coloring and hair styling the most challenging today?

AJ: Challenging? Hmm….photo editing. Especially in fashion shades. I saw a rush of clients bringing in photos of high-end fashion models with super-imposed pink, blue, you name it. This is where consultations with clients are key. However, some clients still want to try that kind of look, and even though it changes with every wash, I love it on them! It’s a really fun change.


BD: What are the three essential beauty items in your purse?

AJ: Dr. Hauschka lip balm, travel hair oil – I use it on my body also, and oil-blotting papers.

BOMANE Salon in Beverly Hills