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Why Highly Pigmented Eyeshadows Work Best for a Beautiful Eye

By January 28, 2020February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Eyes are one of the first things that we notice about each other. No matter what is going on when you interact with another individual for the first time, one thing that is guaranteed with a positive exchange is eye contact. As a result, it is no wonder that eyeshadows, mascaras, and the world of eye makeup have blossomed into such a massive portion of the cosmetics industry. Any good eyeshadow can go a long way towards helping achieve a noticeable and lasting eye, but if you really want to make your eye pop in 2020, pigmented eyeshadows should be the go-to move, and here are five reasons why:

They Are Universal

The James Charles Palette – Image courtesy of Morphe

Simply put, pigmented eyeshadows show up better on all skin tones. Certain eyeshadows are clearly made to work just for certain skin colors, but one thing that is truly great about pigmented eyeshadows is that using them can add even more definition to literally any tone or shade.

Ideal for Blending

Image courtesy of YouTube

Unlike traditional eyeshadows, pigmented eyeshadows have the ability to transition between colors seamlessly when blended together, while simultaneously not detracting from the individual color. As you can see with the image above, the pigmented colors on the left each stand out, so you can really, distinctly make out the blue, the purple, the yellow, and the pink. Meanwhile, on the right, the yellow is fading into the blue, and the subtlety of the pink is lost, as you can hardly tell any color was used below the eye at all.

Allows for Experimentation

Image courtesy of The Daily Edge

Having more vibrant colors available at your disposal allows you to mix and match different shades to match perfectly with any sort of outfit. Whether you’re going out for a big night on the town, meeting a blind date, or just going to a friend’s place for a The Bachelor-viewing party, adding a little bit of pigmented eyeshadow can really bring out your eyes for any sort of look or occasion.

They Last Longer

Image courtesy of Shiseido

Most eyeshadow tends to fade a bit with time and wear, but since the colors with pigmented eyeshadows are so vibrant by design, one of the most obvious benefits is that, even after fading begins, the overall vibrancy will last for quite a while. This is especially ideal for extended photoshoots, red carpets, or other functions that demand perfect makeup for hours on end under hot lights. Most professional make-up artists today will tell you that if you are going to be filmed or photographed and want eye makeup that stands out on camera and makes an impact, pigmented eyeshadow is definitely the way to go. going to a photoshoot or are being filmed in some way that if you’re going for that dramatic pop of the eye to go for pigmented eyeshadow just because it’ll show up better on camera, making palettes like Shiseido’s Essentialist Eye Palette an ideal choice for such occasions.

Can Draw Attention Without Being Gaudy

Image courtesy of Amazon

Certain colors of pigmented eyeshadow can really make certain eye colors pop without causing an over-the-top, overstated effect. A little hint of purple, teal, or green hues, when paired with the right outfit, accessories, etc., can have the ability to make an otherwise “ordinary” brown eye really stand out. Warm shades and complementary orange tones, such as copper, coral, and bronze, make blue eyes stand out. Purples, golds, and darker reds such as wine or burgundy can make green eyes come out.