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While January ushers in a new year, January 11-13, 2021 marks the premier of The Pro Safety Beauty Summit, a first-of-its-kind international online trade conference delivering in-depth seminars covering the future of the beauty industry. A panel of globally respected beauty industry leaders, led by industry veterans Madeline Leonard, Karen Reddy-Medeiros and Sumita Batra, provide attending beauty professionals in diverse fields a comprehensive roadmap to groundbreaking safety products, health protocols and best business practices required to go the distance in a post COVID-19 world. The Pro Safety Group has been nominated under the category of social responsibility by the Los Angeles Business Journal for a 2020 Beauty Award.

This summit is virtual and is a first-of-its-kind international online trade conference delivering in-depth seminars covering the future of the beauty industry! Three days of panels of globally respected beauty industry leaders, to provide attending beauty professionals in diverse fields a comprehensive roadmap to groundbreaking safety products, health protocols and best business practices required to go the distance in a post COVID-19 world.


A One-Stop Source of Information That’s Positively Priceless

Access to the virtual conference, staged by The Pro Safety Group is complimentary.  The expected attendees will be beauty industry professionals. The conference is broken down into three highly focused, information-packed days that concentrate on the following:

·     “The Protocols” (essential health and safety product innovations, rules and solutions)

·     “The People” (instilling confidence among owners, employees, customers and colleagues)

·     “The Practical” (negotiating, adapting to new business models, rebranding)

“Demand for beauty and wellness services will not be going away, as customers need the uplift, they bring more than ever,” says Madeline Leonard, Summit co-founder and owner of Cloutier Remix. “Professionals wanting to stay vital and address the demand will need extra knowledge and support to keep our industry going. As we’re developing new habits, protocols and business practices out of necessity, we need to share information and educate each other on what’s required so, as an entire industry, we can stay viable after the current crisis is over.”


A Cut Above Traditional Beauty Shows

Attendees will enjoy prolonged and repeat exposure to an even greater number of targeted industry professionals in a broader range of specialties. These run an ever-widening gamut from owners and managers to the hair stylists, nail techs and make-up artists they employ, to students and trainees, lash techs, tattoo artists, creators of point-of-purchase collateral and even architects and designers responsible for creating better workspaces for salons, spa and medical practices. There are incredible benefits for participants and attendees alike:

· Participants and advertisers will have included trackable data results, advertising outreach exposure and ongoing evergreen exposure. They can feel good about their investment in sponsorship packages as 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the conference and will allow many professionals in need the ability to attend free of charge.

· Attendees will use the conference as a one-stop online resource for safety education, information, and products. Months after the conference, participants and attendees can revisit seminars, workshops and discussions relevant to the survival of their business.


Class Is In Session

The heart and soul of the Pro Safety Beauty Summit is the full curriculum of lectures and symposiums as professionals in all realms of the beauty industry will need new strategies and skills to make rebuilding their businesses a smoother process. The Pro Safety Beauty Summit sponsored by Make Up For Ever, European Wax Center, Cloutier Remix, Ziba Beauty and KRM Product Seeding will offer a three-day summit where experts among a diverse roster of industry leaders will help attendees gain mastery of a variety of new or changing skill sets:

· Proven marketing and negotiating tools to build your business in 2021 and beyond.

· Safety information from verified sources, specifically tailored to the unique needs of the beauty industry.

· Cost-effective, practical safety strategies for the service providers and clients.

· Industry insights and forecasts from beauty’s top CEOs about their pivots.


Confirmed Speakers

Some of Pro Safety Beauty Summit’s confirmed speakers include Tom Bachik, also known as the “MAN”-icurist, and Howard Berger, a FX/Special Makeup artist/Department Head-Film, followed by social media influencers and educators, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, who also happen to be the co-owners of Nine Zero One Salon. Author of “Global Beauty Authority”, Luis Casco, will be making an appearance as well as Emmy-winning makeup artist Eryn Krueger Mekash, followed by celebrity barber/stylist/board member of IATSE Local 76, Stacey Morris. Directors of Makeup Artistry for M·A·C Cosmetics, Gregory Arlt & Romero Jennings, Director of Education at MUD, Paul Thompson, as well as Lindsey Williams and Mary Irwin of The Makeup Standard, and Bob Myers with the PRO Beauty Association will be present for commentary. CEO of Nudestix, Jenny Frankel, and CEO of The Honeypot, Beatrice Dixon, will be speaking at this event, as well as various medical experts and scientists regarding the topics of infectious disease, virology, regulatory, dermatology and many more! For those with an interest in business, several speakers will be present discussing topics such as legality, leasing, finance, funding, management and technology.


We were lucky enough to chat with the partners of Pro Safety Group, Madeline Leonard, Karen Reddy-Medeiros, and Sumita Batra


1.       What have you learned from the sessions, and how will this help the pro or consumer? Please explain. 

“Uncertain times need courageous ideas. We all had to stop and pivot. A brighter future is being forged. I see that BIG thinkers in all industries are finding solutions- to a brighter future.  We would like to see safe and health-aware practices for beauty artists, practitioners, consumers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers–become automatic and part of our normal behavior that carries on well beyond this current crisis. We have been humbled so I hope and trust that there will be more gratitude than ever before in 2021.”

2.       What do you want all who visit Pro Safety to learn and know about the brand? 

“The Pro Safety group serves as a comprehensive health and safety resource for beauty professionals from artists to owners, administrators to image makers, manufacturers to retailers. Our brief is to establish efficacious protections, procedures and protocols to guide us today while working far into the future beyond this current crisis.”


1.       As a partner of the Pro Safety Brand and a personal CEO of a brand affected by the Pandemic- what have you learned from the summit, what is the best take away you can explain to anyone visiting Pro Safety Group’s offerings? 

“I have learned to re-imagine, re-think and rebuild in 2020. I have reaped the reward of the network and goodwill I built around me over the past 30 years of being in business. There will be many challenges in the year ahead, and the best way to grow and learn is from listening to what others in your industry have done to adapt, change and evolve themselves. The  Pro Safety Group was born out of necessity. Its offerings were to fill a void and create a new collective energy  that will share innovation and inspiration in one place. ”

2.       Do you believe that Pro Safety Group’s Summit covers educational offerings to all service oriented professionals other than who is listed on the website, what information would be ground breaking for someone to know other than the standard mask, shield, and distance measures most are implementing currently to the best they can? 

“Yes, the Pro Safety Beauty Summit covers educational and real life lessons from all aspects of the Beauty and Retail industries. We have deliberately curated a group of speakers that come from diverse backgrounds and positions ( Stylists, Behind The Chair and Celebrity, executives, medical professionals, regulatory experts,  legal, funding, etc.) . There is something here to learn from for everyone.  We have gone deep into the basics like Masks and highlighted emerging technologies like UVC and contact tracing.”


1.       Is there a benefit for the Pro Safety Group’s seminars for other countries or have you taken into account other country standards for their safety measures?

“Yes we believe there is a need simply because most of the world is facing similar challenges and beauty is a tight-knit industry.  We are considering OR seeking strategic partners OR having exploratory conversations with – the UK, LATAM and 2-4 additional markets as a next step for this particular summit.”

1.       How do you and your other partners stay on top of Safety needs for all the many type of service businesses offered to those who may visit the summit?

“We are lucky to have a knowledgeable network of trusted safety professionals at our disposal.  We also consult national, regional, and local government agencies in key cities frequently to stay aware of any updates.  I have a couple of apps on my phone relevant to Canada and the province of Ontario, where I reside which I find very helpful.”


For more information, and to book tickets, please visit their website