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Qyral is the first-ever personalized network marketing skincare & cellular health brand. Disrupting the industry by enabling consumers to start a new relationship with their skincare while empowering our community of entrepreneurs.
The brand’s algorithm matches you with personalized, clinically formulated, topical products and supplements that adjust to your lifestyle. This combination of products are curated into a monthly routine that eliminates the noise and delivers exactly what your skin and body need to ensure you age well.

The product line takes a personalized and holistic approach to skincare, designed to treat your cells from the inside and out. This makes Qyral the most effective science-backed, clinically formulated, topical, and internal skincare routine for consumers.

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I had the pleasure of Interviewing Hanieh Sigari, owner of Qyral.

During college, she pursued interests studying Biochemistry and Gerontology. Afterward, Hanieh founded a home healthcare business that enabled dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to retain their independence. Eventually, she decided to sell her healthcare business to return to work that nourishes her on a deeper level. That’s how Qyral was conceived. “It’s the culmination of my life journey and experiences, giving me the opportunity to explore the science behind aging, help others to learn about the biological processes we all go through, and empower others through entrepreneurship.”


Where does the name Qyral come from?

“Qyral stems from the chemistry word “chiral” incorporating science and chemistry, it describes a molecule’s mirror image. Even though the image appears structurally identical down to its number of atoms, it behaves completely differently, because it’s the mirror image.”


What Is Qyral’s goal?

“The goal of Qyral is to educate and empower the consumer. Consumers aren’t being educated on the products they’re using in the beauty industry. The great thing about our products is that our ingredients page has scientific research and backing the explains what each ingredient is, how effective it is, and what it’s doing.”


Best way to reverse aging with personalized cosmetics and skincare?

“It starts at a cellular level, with how fast cells turn. The process begins every 2 weeks when we’re first born, that’s why a baby’s skin is so soft and smooth. As we get older towards our fifties it could take up to 3 months (90 days). You can reverse aging by boosting the cellular turnover process. You can do this by prescription retinoids, or acids. You might not know what acids are good for your skin and not all acids are for your skin type. That’s why your skincare has to be personalized and this why we created an algorithm in order to identify your skin type and the right acid and exfoliant for your skin.

That’s where personalization comes in, you have to give your skin a great support system, starting with a serum, a moisturizer to help with healing and protect from environmental damage, and then supplements to give you the nutrients you need from the inside.”


The best thing you can do for your skin?

“The best thing for your skin is water, everything you’re doing is to maintain water and hydration. Second is turning over the cells by exfoliating!”


When did your love with skincare begin?

“The real love started when I learned about the process of the cells. I was like wow this is amazing! Your skin is incredible. When you learn about how these cells are working together. It looks simple but it’s a complicated process.”


Winter Skincare Routine?

“I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now and I have a toddler. My thing right now is, as fast as possible. I wish I could tell you I have a routine but I’ve been experimenting with all of my products. I definitely love to exfoliate. I have a derma roller, serum, moisturizer. If I have the time or energy, some sort of exfoliant on one of my own blends. A luxury treat would be a facial mask. Definitely an exfoliant and serum, moisturizer, and sunblock, very important.”


What does Qyral Have to Offer?

“We have the exfoliant acid. Combo of alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy, or combination thereof made just for you. We also have a Bioplacenta serum. The placenta gives the baby nutrients for the first 9 months and we created the same in a laboratory setting at a high concentration level, and after that is a moisturizer. The reason I didn’t add sunblock into a moisturizer is that it is hard to get the formulation down and personalize it well. It needed a little bit more time and we’re working on that. It will be the next addition to our product line.

The fourth thing is a supplement, the supplements are made out of Antioxidants, Vitamins A, and Bs, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, all the stuff your skin needs. This specifically targets your skin and hair.”


Products you dabble with?

“Derma roller, that’s my go-to. I don’t know if it’s psychological or not but I feel the products penetrate my skin. It boosts collagen production, and it helps so much with cellular turnover. The second thing is almond oil, believe it or not. I rub it everywhere! It has antioxidants, it’s natural, and it prevents stretch marks. I can’t live without it. I use it everywhere, my hair, my stomach. My grandmother recommended it. When I was younger she would put almond oil on everything.”


Qyral launches today, 1/1/21. Check them out here