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Kim Wellen

Designed to transform and uplift using high-quality ingredients, Mantra Mask harnesses one of nature’s most powerful ingredients in their collections of skin care masks.

With the warm weather on the way, we need to keep our skin healthy and radiant during these summer months. Mantra Mask makes natural, high-quality skincare accessible and affordable for all. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, dyes, and other harmful chemicals, Mantra Mask is one of the first to bring CBD sheet masks to the market, the company delivers the power of naturally-derived vitamins and herbal botanicals in a convenient, easy-to-use beauty mask for all skin types.

Founded by skincare expert Kim Wellen, Mantra Mask offers high-quality CBD face masks that exude positive vibes while remaining affordable and accessible for all. As one of the first brands to offer CBD-infused sheet masks, Mantra Mask has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a product to soothe your sunburn, reduce blemishes or promote collagen, all masks are naturally made, vitamin-enriched, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Did you know that Dove Cameron, Emmy award-winning actress, and singer, swears by Mantra Mask’s Hemp CBD Sheet Mask? “My skin is dry at night. My number one beauty hack is to sleep in a sheet mask,” she reveals to Marie Claire Magazine.

I was able to chat with Kim Wellen and chat more about Mantra Masks, after sun care, and her must have products!

What is a CBD Sheet Mask?

“Mantra CBD Sheet Masks contain the highest quality CBD to enhance your skin. CBD applied topically reduces redness and inflammation and can help with skin conditions such as rosecea, rashes, irritation, and acne. Mantra Mask offers the CBD Blemish Sheet Mask and the CBD Repair Sheet Mask for these conditions.

CBD can also reduce oil production to balance the condition of the skin and can provide a mattifying effect. These qualities make it excellent for all skin types, but especially those with sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory benefits of this natural addition to skin care have been well researched and well documented, and even those with dry skin can enjoy CBD skin care as Mantra Masks are developed to include emollient oils that enhance dry skin.

The anti-oxidants in CBD are believed to prevent oxidative damage to the skin caused by sun exposure and air pollutants, as well as to help retard the aging process by preventing wrinkles and fine lines from forming, and hyper-pigmentation from occurring with absolutely no side effects reported.

The anti-oxidants in CBD are more powerful than vitamins E and C and can repair and speed the healing of damaged skin. Mantra Mask CBD Anti-Aging Sheet Mask, CBD Collagen Sheet Mask and CBD After Sun Sheet Mask contain the powerful CBD agent along with other ingredients to target the needs of your complexion and achieve the skin of your dreams.”



What’s the story behind Mantra Mask? Why CBD? Why face masks?

“Started this journey with my daughter who at the time was 16. We were having the hardest time finding an all natural sheet mask that was considered a spa treatment. Most masks we found would break us out or have synthetic ingredients. I was lucky enough to have been working directly with a formulator for the past 10 years so I went to him to develop the BEST mask on the market. We added CBD because of the incredible benefits and to be the first sheet mask brand to introduce an entire line with CBD.”


How did you take Mantra Mask from the idea stages to where it is now?

“I have always believed that when you have an idea you NEED to run with it. I literally called my formulator the second the idea popped in my head and we had a line formulated and launched within 9 months.  Of course, the packaging wasn’t ideal and we had no money so we started super small and grew organically from there. “


You have an After Sun Mask, what are the benefits of using this mask after a long day outdoors? How long should it stay on?

“Our After-Sun mask is incredible. The ingredients in this mask outweigh any other. After only 20-30 minutes you will revive tired skin, soothe sun damage, reduce inflammation and fight free radical exposure. It will bring your skin back to life with 10 powerful antioxidants, including chamomile, calendula, aloe, and chia seeds. “


One of the ingredients is chia seed, can you tell me more about that?

“Chia seeds have so many benefits for the skin. They are known to prevent premature aging, they are high in Vitamin E which helps moisturize and give a youthful glow. Chia in skincare has also been known to prevent acne. Another benefit of Chia seeds is to perk up the texture and tone of your skin.”


What are some simple ways to protect our skin from aging during the hotter months?

“STAY OUT OF THE SUN is the number one way to protect your skin. Sunscreen will help but research shows that even in the shade you can get some radiation. Stay in the shade and try to protect your skin with other layers of clothes. We all love to lay out but as you get older those days are over.”


You have plenty of different types of sheet masks to choose from. Can you give me a brief summary of what each one does for your skin?

  • Collagen – firm, plump, hydrate, rebuild collagen. Perfect for all ages
  • Anti-Aging –  Instant firm, lift, tighten. When you are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Repair – Soothe, heal and rejuvenate. The perfect mask for after a harsh treatment
  • After-Sun – Soothe, reduce inflammation and Restore. Perfect for after a day in the sun. 
  • Marine Hydration – Tighten, moisturize and rehydrate. All ingredients from the SEA
  • Blemish – Cleanse, detoxify, prevents blemishes. Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Pore Refining – Cleans, Brighten, exfoliate. Leaves skin SOOO soft. 
  • Coconut Eye Gels – made from coconut skin to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.


Products you dabble with? 

“My favorite hair product that I can not live without is Olaplex. OMG, my hair is so full and thick since using it. My new favorite makeup line is ILIA. I love that the ingredients are all-natural and very high quality. I just discovered this brand and I have now purchased almost everything in the line.”



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