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Have you heard of Evereden’s new Multi-Vitamin kids line? The luxury plant-based skincare line hosted a family-friendly event for the launch of their new plant-based kids line at Culver City last Saturday, April 24th. The event brought together prolific mommies and their children from throughout Los Angeles to learn about the brand’s innovative kids collection and to celebrate safely ahead of Mother’s day.


Stars such as Kendra Wilkinson and Vanessa Simmons made their way with their children who enjoyed activities such as scent readings, bracelet making, coloring, a delicious ice cream truck, and even a custom bouquet of flowers from Pretty Lil Things LB.


Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto) Jennifer Johnson


As you know I have been speaking to you some time about Evereden, the leader in nontoxic family skincare. Incepted in 2019, Evereden solely focused on baby/infant skincare. In 2020, regardless of the pandemic, Evereden launched many innovative skincare products for women, the mom-to-be, and thereafter. Now, in 2021, Innovative PR is proud to announce that Evereden is launching its Multi-Vitamin Kids Skincare line. Rooted in Evereden’s mission to nourish, nurture, and protect families’ skin today for the healthiest tomorrow, this progression into caring for other members of the family’s skin – kids ages 4 to 10 –  only made sense! 

On April 19th, 2021- Evereden launched a three fragrance collection of kids skincare complete with 5 products. This skincare line is designed to introduce, recommend and instill proper skincare practices and healthy habits for our 4-10-year-olds.

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Evereden Kids Skincare Line includes the following-Kids Multi-Vitamin Foaming Face Wash, Face Cream, Foaming Body Wash, Body Lotion, & Shampoo/Conditioner – all of which are enriched with Evereden’s MegaVitamin ComplexTM, which includes Amino Acids, Omegas, Vitamins, and Pre/Probiotics that provide essential nutrients to keep kids’ skin and hair strong and healthy.

As babies grow up into kids, we actively encourage their development in every way – why not provide them with the necessary building blocks to promote skin health. Kids’ skin can still become sensitive to formulas made to tackle adult skin issues, but baby products don’t feel right either – kids need more than just gentle. They need care that will actively promote proper skin health so that their skin is set up for success in later teenage and adult years. With Evereden’s Multi-Vitamin Kids Skincare Line, kids’ skin is hydrated, protected, and balanced. 

Jennifer Johnson Photography (@JenJphoto) Jennifer Johnson


Kids Multi-Vitamin Foaming Face Wash

Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Cream

Kids Multi-Vitamin Body Lotion 

Kids Multi-Vitamin Foaming Body Wash

Kids Multi-Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner