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By Hannah Muehlberger

During the summer, many people’s goal is to get a nice tan. Whether you are going on vacation or just chilling in your house you want a tan that shows you had a relaxing time. Although, as we well know, tanning from the sun or tanning beds can be extremely dangerous for your skin and your body. Tanning beds are more dangerous than sitting out in the sun. According to the FDA, the risk of melanoma of the skin increases by 75 percent when tanning bed use starts before age 35, while also a higher chance of getting ocular melanoma (cancer of the eye). With this in mind, tanning lotions and mists are a better and safer option to get a flawless tan, but they do come with their fair share of annoyances. The problem with using tanning lotions and mists is that you want it to make it look even, with no obvious splotches or streaks, and you don’t want it to look fake. However, all of these problems can be avoided if you do it properly. Below is a guide on how you should use a brush rather than tanning mitts for a better tan.

While tanning mitts might seem like the best option, you will have more chances to make your tan look more natural if you use a brush to blend in your tan. Think about it like this, would you use a cotton pad or a brush to apply your foundation? You’d most likely choose the brush. Like cotton pads, tanning mitts absorb the product while also creating streaks as you brush it across your body. By using a brush the application creates a more buff look and a deeper, more blended color without the possibility of patching or streaks.

Artis Palm Brush Elite

Amanda Harrington is a tanning artist and is best known for her revolutionary tanning formulas that blend in with your skin tone evenly and easily. Harrington recommends using a brush instead of the mitts, especially on your face. The process Harrington r

Tanologist Sunless Tanning Treatment Body Brush

ecommends starts by spraying it right onto your brush. “Starting in the centre of your face buff the colour in circular motions, remembering to blend product into the hairline,” she says. “Then work down the neck and across the décolletage using circular, blending motions.”

If you are looking for the right brush to apply your tanning formula we can help with that too! For a full-body tan, use Artis’s Palm Brush Elite. Designed for those who like the control of mostly using the fingers, the Palm Brush offers all the effectiveness of the Artis CosmeFibre® bundle, without a traditional handle. The Palm Brush fiber bundle is about the size of your cheek and this multi-tasker allows you to blend foundation, powder, or bronzer to larger areas of the face or the body.

However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly tool, use Tanologist’s Sunless Tanning Treatment Body Brush. This super soft, silky, synthetic face and body brush provide a seamless application experience for all liquid bronzing products. The premium fibers smooth skin and give you a custom, airbrushed finish. Designed to contour to the shape of your face and body, get ready for an easy, no-mess tan application experience!

This summer consider trying a brush to blend in your tanning solution to get a more air-brushed, seamless finish!