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By Hannah Muehlberger

Let’s be honest, Tiktok has changed our world whether we like it or not. It has changed the way companies advertise their products and even how consumers search and buy what they want. I personally love scrolling TikTok for hours, and I have lots of different things that pop up on my For You Page. Things like cats, home essential restocking, cooking, and most importantly, beauty! Social media have implemented this idea of using Reels to get people their content faster, one that TikTok started.

A social media app that I can’t stop using is Flip. Flip is a new social media app and a website you can view on your mobile device, tablet, and computer. With Flip, your feed will feature the newest and hottest videos about skincare, makeup, and wellness. What is special about Flip is that these posts include the products that are featured in the video and you can actually buy them off the Flip site! The first step of Flip starts with you watching a video on your feed, these videos feature real people and real reviews! Next, if you see a product featured in the video that you like, click the product that is featured at the bottom of the video and purchases it. All products are shipped within 24 hours of your order. Next, once you receive the product, try it out and enjoy the products! After, make a video reviewing the product you ordered and post it to Flip. After that, you can earn money from making the reviews. If you only want to shop and scroll, you can choose to look at different brands, different categories, and even the top products of the day. You can also watch videos on your feed or live videos from reviewers. Each video is a reviewer trying out products that they have bought on Flip, or even just a video of their routine using their new products.

Some of the popular brands featured on Flip include amazing and well-known brands such as Florence, Youth to the People, Sweet Chef, Olaplex, Innisfree, and Supergoop. My favorite products that Flip has include Sweet Chef’s Ginger + Vitamin C Serum Shot! This brightening ginger serum shot provides a powerful dose of antioxidant-rich ginger and potent vitamin C for a naturally hydrated and radiant complexion. Acne scars and hyperpigmentation — you’ve met your match.  Another favorite product Flip has is Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray. This facial spray is perfect for my facial eczema, it gently soothes my skin in an instant! Our skin goes through a lot: blemishes, flaky skin, makeup, sweat – not to mention environmental aggressors like dirt, pollution, UV exposure, and temperature changes. Think of SOS as your happy solution to angry skin. And here’s the reason it works: it’s inspired by you! The hero ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is naturally found in your white blood cells, which helps to fight and defend your body from harmful bacteria and inflammation. When applied to the skin, hypochlorous acid triggers an immune boost, which then signals your body to repair and heal irritated skin. This unique solution is pH balanced (4.5) and formulated for facial skin, but is safe to use on all ages and anywhere on your skin! What’s even more amazing about the products on Flip is that your price at the checkout is 30% off retail prices! So not only do you get a great deal, but you get money back to review the product you bought!

If you consider yourself a beauty influencer, or even a beauty follower, you have to get on Flip. Whether to shop, watch, or browse, you will be busy for hours searching for the best deals and watching the eye-catching reviews! Visit and download Flip today!