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Innovative Personal Care Company Bite Launches First Plastic-Free Deodorant

By September 21, 2021No Comments

By: Caitlin Stiles

This is the day and age where the simplest ideas can turn into a business venture worth millions of dollars, and they’re often quick thoughts most of us dismiss without a second glance. No one quite knows this like Lindsay McCormick, founder of Bite. The CEO of the most sustainable oral care company in the world stumbled on her holy grail through – of all things – travel toothpaste.

It says a lot about Lindsay that even after building Bite around sustainable and eco-friendly toothpaste “bits,” launching accompanying products like whitening gel, floss, and bamboo toothbrushes, that she is still constantly cooking up ideas to add to her business. A lot of companies stick to their guns and origins, but not Bite: on September 21st, Bite is stepping into personal care. Their first launch? Plastic-free deodorant! Bite’s reasoning for taking on this new chapter is quite simple: Because It’s The Earth (BITE!).

Concern over how quickly our landfills and oceans are filling with plastic is how McCormick founded Bite in the first place. In particular, she saw how wasteful travel toothpaste containers were. After learning chemistry online and studying for years, she came up with the solution of toothpaste bits stored in a glass jar. These bits are refillable, and can be subscription based. Their deodorant follows this formula almost verbatim. The deodorant case is “a sleek aluminum case [that] houses paperboard refill” and is designed to last for years. It even comes with a warranty!

This deodorant is the first plastic-free of its kind – ever. Even more enticing? It is baking soda and aluminum-free (besides that cute case, of course!), which means not only is it compostable, it’s perfect for those of us with sensitive underarms. It uses zinc ricinoleate to absorb and neutralize odor, the same ingredient in viral brands Aesop and Dr. Hauschka.

The icing on the cake is the scent! Bite never takes shortcuts, and scent is no exception. They worked with a high-end fragrance house (generally for perfumes and colognes) in order to develop complex, yet safe fragrances in the deodorants. Bite will list every single ingredient utilized to make the scent possible to boot – no “fragrance” in the ingredient listing. They will be available in three scents: Rose Vert (modern, dewy rose), Neroli (bright and fresh citrus), and Santal (sexy, smokey sandalwood).

There’s plenty to be excited about with Bite’s new launch, and it says a lot in how the company will develop in the future. Perhaps it can impact other companies’ approach to how we use plastic! Bite’s deodorant launches today, September 21st. Are you jumping on this train? Let us know!