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Onedose of J. Nicole’s “OVERDOSE” Skincare product will have you begging for more.

By February 24, 2018March 12th, 2018No Comments

Please meet Nicole Baca, Founder of J. Nicole Skincare. After running a highly successful chain of wellness salons including a focus on diet and skincare (acne, microdermabrasion, eczema, patients with skin sensitivities or undergoing chemo, and more) Nicole saw a need for at home skincare that was simple and effective. Having suffered with extreme skin allergies her whole life, Nicole made it her mission to create products that were both simple and effective. She created her patented formula with her team of chemists, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists in her lab, along with input from her mentor, world-renowned chemist Perry Romanowski.


Meet her signature product: Overdose, a new Hybrid breakthrough skin technology using peptide chains to combine Stylenol Vitamin A, Retinol Vitamin A, AHA Lactic Acid and Azelaic Acid with another peptide chain of polysaccharide liposomal moisturizing ingredient (hyaluranic acid) Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 for anti-aging, skin refining, brightening and calming, plumping and revitalizing results. Combining all those ingredients into one would normally set the skin into defense mode! Overdose’s hybrid is Sunflowers, yes Sunflowers, which are “high” in oleic acid. Oleic acid will stop the defense reaction of the skin allowing the ingredients to penetrate without irritation. J Nicole Skincare believes this one product is more useful than 6 separate products. This technology works on all aspects of your skin:  Aging, Breakouts, Uneven Skin Tone, Hydration and overall Skin Appearance –  all in ONE DOSE. It’s truly overdosing your skin with everything it needs and has never been done before! After one dose, you will experience immediate softness, subtleness, and firmness, and relief for your reactive skin.  After continued use, you will see a difference in texture, brightness, lines, wrinkles, acne and overall skin appearance.


J. Nicole Skincare, is socially conscious, giving back a percentage of sales to local organizations that help child victims of domestic abuse- a passion that came from the founder’s own experience in an abusive situation. As a survivor and mother of a child who escaped this fate, she makes it her mission to use her success to help others.

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