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“And the Oscar Goes To”- Beauty Favorites 2018

By March 6, 2018March 12th, 2018No Comments

Sometimes the Behind The Scene Fashion and Beauty moments are the real “red carpet moment” for the Academy Awards. We think so, because- well these Hollywood Names are having fun and look great being casual. It is a moment before they actually hit the carpet and are able to Shape the Style, if you catch our drift. The professional is getting them glammed, having fun conversation, and the celeb beauty is feeling relaxed. We prefer these moments. Thank goodness for Instagram because we can sit back have a glass of champagne and watch these happenings prior to the carpet happenings.

So here it is- the envelope please…. “And the Oscar Goes to”- for the best beauty behind the scenes of The Academy Awards 2018- drum roll…..

1. Allison Janney- Hair by Jill Crosby

@Jillcrosbyhair has been doing Oscar Award winner @allisonbjaney for some time. We love this instagram BTS from Oscar 2018 because you can just see how happy Allison is.  The result; an updo with fish bone braids. Outstanding Jill.

2. Olivia Munn

Anyone who can add the volume and extensions that look this good is a hair god! Yes that is you @chadwoodhair. You would never know as @oliviamunn stepped onto the Vanity Fair carpet that she had short hair. I love that she is insta-storying her glam team- good girl Olivia.

3.  Gal Gadot – makeup by Sabrina Bedrani

We love this beauty behind the scene for the makeup perfection by  Gal’s makeup artist  @sabrinabmakeup – “Read my Lips” is what Gal says in her BTS post with Revlon lips.

4. Jane Fonda- hair by Jonathan Hansousek

“It takes a Village”- Jane Fonda of her BTS glam shot with her team. She just looked stunning in her Balmain white gown. We spy Oribe being sprayed @jjhanousek.

5. Katy Perry- haircolor by Rick Henry

Katy Perry looked gorgeous in a Versace gown and Platinum Hair color at the at the Entertainment Studios Oscar Gala on Oscar night. Her hair beau @rickhenryla took the blonde platinum with @Joico’s blonde life color system. Rick has been touring with the American Idol judge, and knows exactly how to keep us engaged with Kay’s exciting looks.

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