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The Age of Aquarius: Five Ultra-Hydrating Beauty Products for Pisces Season

By March 4, 2020March 3rd, 2021No Comments

With the start of Pisces season in full swing, the energy of this water sign forces one to look below the surface, to heal from within. But why should we stop just below the surface? It’s time to dive deep. In honor of water signs, spring, and renewal, here are five amazingly hydrating beauty products worth checking out this Pisces season.


NourishMax Eye Cream with Diamond Extract ($69)

Image courtesy of NourishMax

This is one of the best eye creams on the market today. This product contains ingredients that target everything for eyes such as dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, etc. The moisturizing effects hit almost immediately once placed on the skin that it leaves your eyes feeling healthy and energized and the best part is that it is vegan and cruelty-free.


SH-RD Gold Deluxe Edition Protein Cream ($80)

Image courtesy of SH-RD

This stuff is AMAZING! It combines premium gold leaf with deep-sea water sourced from the Eastern water of Taiwan leaving it to moisturize and strengthen your hair. It should be applied after shampooing and conditioning and will leave your hair silky smooth especially with the climate being a bit drier.


Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 30 ($24)

Image courtesy of Kiehl’s

This lip treatment is fantastic for anyone suffering from dried-out lips. It’s extremely moisturizing and is a mix of a variety of oils and butter. With an SPF of 30, it’s perfect for everyday wear and will keep lips hydrated and smooth for up to 12 hours.


Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream ($48)

Image courtesy of Shiseido

This product is perfect for revitalizing any sort of skin type. One of its two main ingredients is Ashitaba, a plant native to Japan that is known for its regenerative powers. This product will immerse your skin in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and looking energized. It should be used in both the morning and the evening to achieve the best results.


Mizz Bloom’s Luscious Organic Body Butter ($39)

Image courtesy of Mizz Bloom

Have you ever smelled a product and loved the smell so much that you just wanted to taste it? This FDA-certified product is phenomenal simply for the fact that you can not only apply it to your skin, but you can also eat it as well! Made of sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and virgin coconut oil, this stuff is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling silky-smooth all day long.