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Artis; rich, great quality, the ultimate brush! 
By: Tahiry Sanchez 

Artis, a high-end brush manufacturer, is regarded as the finest of the best by beauty enthusiasts. You’ve arrived after you’ve acquired a set of Artis Brushes. So, why are these brush sets regarded as a symbol of beauty? Because they’re made to give the best results in terms of the feel of the proprietary microfiber material as well as the immaculate finish for makeup and skincare products.

Artis Brush

Artis brushes have such high-quality function that any type of makeup applied such as liquids, creams, or powders shows amazing technique when you see the finished application. Each oval-shaped brush has a special designation for foundation, contour, blush, bronzer, eye makeup, concealer, eyeliner, brows, lips, spot concealing, and so on. Even the handles on the packaging are made of a unique metal that the business claims are also utilized in the production of premium vehicle engines. These brushes will make your face feel rich.


Artis has paid so much attention to detail on these brushes. Starting with the names, Artis brushes are named by size, shape, and collection. They did not go on “use” function to name them because these brushes are all multi-functional. They also range from sizes 0-10. The larger the number, the larger the fiber bundle on the brush. They have 3 shapes that give them a unique touch: Oval, circle and Linear. They have over 12 different brushes to choose from and who wouldn’t want them all.

Sizes 0-10

Unlimited Function

The cleaning process is simple, and they have a variety of products to help your Artis brushes stay rich and intact. The most commend use of these brushes are known to be in a circular motion, but with Artis they created a brush that it does not matter how you brush or apply on your makeup, the contact from makeup to brush to skin is spotless and seen in such perfection matter.

To be really honest, many cosmetics aficionados apply their makeup with their hands. I’m always in a hurry and don’t have time to search for brushes. When your brushes, on the other hand, look this wonderful on your vanity, you keep them right there for anytime you need them. They genuinely work, despite their attractive and sleek appearance. The fluffy brush bristles are so cushiony and pillow-soft that applying foundation seems more like a relaxing facial massage than a bother. While it comes to eyeshadow and blush, I notice that I don’t need to use as much pressure when applying the products to my face. One of the best things about Artis brushes is that you need a lot less product than normal since they apply so smoothly and evenly.