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Christmas is the same day every year, but it somehow always manages to sneak up on us. Between all the festivities, decorating, and wrapping, sometimes gifts slip through the cracks, causing you to rush to the mall at the last minute. While you can always shove a few bills or gift cards in a card and call it a day (no judgment here), these last-minute beauty, and wellness-related presents feel way more personal. For the skincare and makeup fanatics, to the organizers, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite products from this year to gift your loved ones.

Skin Care


Anti-Tech Serum

Foster’s Lab

$48.00 Here

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A lightweight, daily serum for all skin types that is clinically proven to repair your skin against multiple signs of aging and protect from blue light damage. This Anti-Tech Serum combines the powerful effects of a natural retinol cream, antioxidant-rich vitamin c serum, peptide treatment, anti-inflammatory agent, and a blue light & pollution protectant.


Soak It In Vitamin C Revitalizing Lip Balm

Formula 10.0.6
$1.99 Here

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The Soak It In Vitamin C Revitalizing Lip Balm is enriched with antioxidant-rich vitamin C. Formula 10.0.6’s combination of seaberry oil, ceramides, sweet orange oil, and nurturing butters work to gently brighten, replenish and restore moisture all day long.



Mother Dirt

$119 Here

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Three steps to total skin wellness. The PeaceKeeper features the foundations of our Active Probiotic System to repair the damage caused by traditional skincare and restore the skin microbiome, for your most biologically balanced and radiant skin.

“Traditional skincare has scrubbed, peeled, and stripped away the good bacteria on our skin, so we figured out a way to put it back in. Our proprietary ingredient, live AOB, interacts with elements naturally found in your sweat to produce two powerful byproducts – Nitrite and Nitric Oxide – that are essential to a balanced skin microbiome.”
Comes complete with: 

  • Probiotic Foaming Cleanser
  • Probiotic Moisturizing Serum
  • AO+ Restorative Mist
  • Sample size Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash & Conditioner


CBD Collagen Mask

Mantra Mask

$15 Here

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The brand beloved by Dove Cameron, Mantra Mask’s CBD Collagen Mask is one of our fave masks. Promote collagen regeneration with a powerful blend of over 22 amino peptides, including CBD and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients have been known to rebuild collagen, reduce inflammation, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the CBD Collagen Mask will unleash your most radiant and youthful glow.


Limited Edition Pink Glass High-Shine Plumping Lip Gloss

Baby Phat

$17.00 Here

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Unapologetically declare your power with this high-shine, lip plumping gloss that adds dimension to your lips. This gloss helps lips appear fuller from both the first application and over time. Vegan and cruelty-free, this lip gloss delivers mesmerizing shine while providing lasting moisture for soft, luscious lips, high-shine and helps create the appearance of fuller lips.


Scrubbing Clay + Matcha Face Moisturizer Bundle


$30 Here

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This matcha face moisturizer delivers rich moisture, reduces water loss in skin, and protects skin from environmental aggressors. Designed specifically for dry or mature skin types, or as a nighttime treatment! Upcycled and prebiotic body scrubbing clay cleanses, exfoliates, and clarifies skin in the shower – all while supporting the skin barrier.



Awkward Essentials


20 for $25 Here

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Dripstick® is the first after-sex clean up product of its kind. It’s a sponge made out of soft, medical-grade material and will quickly mop up all the excess fluids so you can move on with your day (or night) Quick absorption, soft, comfortable sponge, medical-grade material with no additives.

Superfood Latte Sampler


$22 Here

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Boost your daily routine with travel-friendly sachets of 3 flavors of superfood lattes. Contains 12 sachets total. Turmeric is the ultimate superfood for skin and gut health, used for centuries in Ayurveda. It can help to support skin clarity and radiance and is a longtime remedy to banish bloating and boost immunity. Containing Matcha and Cacao, its rich in glow-boosting antioxidants, detoxifying chlorophyll, and with a natural boost of caffeine, and essential minerals.

All-In-One Planner (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Ivory Paper Co.

Starting at $46.55 Here

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The planner that will help you organize your life. There is a daily, weekly and monthly layout that is all in one planner. This lets you plan your day with to-dos and schedule your week with your weekly layout. Take charge of your life and follow your passions.


Bath Soak

Oui the People

$28.00 Here

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Looking to take the edge off after a long day (or, let’s be honest, year)? Oui the People has you covered (literally) with a bath booster that ups the relaxing effects of a warm soak using a detoxifying mix of magnesium, potassium, and calcium to send any tension down the drain. Paired with the chill-inducing scent of bergamot essential oil sourced from Italy and a skin-softening combo of organic aloe and sodium bicarbonate, you’ll step out of the tub with that close-to-floating calm that you crave.


Relax Hand Sanitizer Sweet Orange + Ginger + Ylang Ylang (4 oz + 1 oz Gel Hand Sanitizer Set)


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For hand purifying on-the-go, reach for Heathmade premium, alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer, crafted to gently cleanse your skin with a combination of soothing aloe vera gel, anti-inflammatory witch hazel, wondrously scented & antimicrobial essential oils, and anti-oxidant rich vitamin E oil.




$22.99 Here

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Help your child create the best routine for their needs with Kidskin. Products are specially formulated for sensitive skin types, including eczema, rosacea, dry skin, and oily patches. Skin care products can be used every day because they’re free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrances. The sensitive skincare line is formulated with powerful antioxidants and peptides to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and wash away dirt and bacteria.




Luxie Brush

$50 Here

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The Luxie Signature Rose Gold Set includes 12 makeup brushes for face and eye. Perfect for the professional and beginner alike. Our signature Rose Gold brush line features premium soft, synthetic bristles encased in a rose gold ferrule atop a chic pink handle, making them not only functional but a beautiful addition to your vanity.




$30 Here

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MISS SWISS is a makeup holder that prevents friction between makeup items which is a major cause of makeup spillage. It also allows for makeup to be easily applied on the go due to the large mirror and sturdiness of the case. Comes 5 different shades.


Glam Up Pillow Talk Eye Set

Charlotte Tilbury

$68 Here

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Nordstrom-exclusive, limited-edition three-piece set with the Pillow Talk Luxury Palette, Feline Flick Eyeliner and Pillow Talk Mascara. Get Charlotte’s iconic, universally-flattering mesmerizing eye look with the romantic nude-pink eyeshadow hues in the Pillow Talk Luxury Palette. Feline Flick Eyeliner in Black delivers the perfect cat-eye look, while Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara volumizes lashes.

Set includes:

– Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (0.18 oz.)

– Travel-size Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara (0.13 oz.)

– Full-size Feline Flick Eyeliner in Black (0.03 oz.)


Smoke & Mirrors Eye Palette


$34 Here

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Smoke & Mirrors Palette has 8 high-pigment, fine-textured shimmery and matte eye shadows. The softer shades are great for the day and are easily blendable for lightweight, long lasting wear. Build and blend colors to create nighttime, smoky eye. This natural eye shadow has a creamy consistency and the formula contains organic botanicals, pomegranate oil, and manuka oil. This natural cosmetic is non-comedogenic, allowing skin to breathe easily.




$35 Here

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The ultimate, must-have vault includes Allure award-winning Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows with a limited-edition shade for fall, Cranberry Punch! Eight quick drying, long-lasting, gel-base formula, with eye-catching glittery shadows




Sweet Rock Rose

$68.00 Here

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This divine aromatherapy body and room spray is perfect to purge your surroundings of negative or stagnant energy. Each bottle created has a few Shugnite EMF Stones and both Amazonite and Black Tourmaline crystals inside, with our signature combination of key essential oils: Geranium, Oud, Frankincense, Spearmint, May Chang, Myrrh, Brazilian Orange, Red Rose, Magnolia and a unique combination of medicinal herbs that are perfectly made to align your body, mind and soul.


Enlighten Candles

$12-28 Here

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Enlighten Candles is a candle company based in the Prescott Mountains in Arizona. Each candle has its own signature scent. Every ingredient is thoughtfully and intuitively curated to yield the best results, made with domestically grown, non-gmo soy wax and cotton wicks. Each and every product is hand-poured, labeled, packed and shipped from our factory in Arizona.



$20.00–$28.00 Here

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7 different amazing scents. A candle hand-poured into apothecary-inspired amber glass jars with a signature label and a brass lid.



Leland Francis

$ 38 Here

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Take yourself back to the good ol summer. Hand-poured soy wax with natural oils and cotton wick. Burns 30-40 hours. The sweet and simple scents of Summer Days, Sea Salt, and Push-Pops. Bright lime pairs with grapefruit and gentle rosewood, rounded by a base of tropical mango.



Kimberly New York

$89 Here

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Four top sellers for women in one value set. Great for gifting and on-the-go touchups!
Ice cube crystal packaging ($136. value)





$28 Here

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The HMNKIND Antibacterial Performance Mask is 99% Antibacterial, has 4-way stretch, and is buttery soft. Reusable, recyclable, beautiful. 10% of your purchase will go back to uplift humankind.




$8 Here

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Comes in 5 different shades from nude, to black – This non-medical, reusable, and washable face mask is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.



Sage Purifying Shampoo


Regular price$25.00 Here

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This shampoo features 8 botanical extracts to delay sebum secretion, removes excessive oil to satisfy the refreshing needs of oily scalp & hair. Gently cleans the scalp and hair without over-stimulating the sebaceous glands. Butyl Avocadate revives the life of hair. Silk protein promotes cell buildup and adds high shine to hair. Adding Climbazole to fight against Pityrosporum Ovale without dryness and fracture.




$48 Here

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This heat-activated blowout mist is the weapon of choice to fight humidity for beautiful shiny hair. A trio of tamanu, grapeseed, and black seed oils and an innovative copolymer blend work simultaneously to lock in moisture, create glass-like shine and shield your style from even the most intense humidity. Producing long-lasting, glossy, frizz-free, salon-quality blowouts that last through up to three washes.


Mini Polish Set

J Hannah

$54 Here

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This first edition set includes the neutural colors Akoya, Dune, Fauna, Ghost Ranch, and Miso, and comes in a reusable J.Hannah mesh zipper pouch.


Brave Honest Beautiful Nail Color Set

Deborah Lippmann

$45 Here

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This limited-edition duo of Gel Lab Pro Nail Colors in versatile, timeless shades with two dazzling shimmers and seven full-coverage creme colors. Gel Lab Pro Color is an award-winning nail polish that delivers the gloss and cushion of a gel manicure without the nail damage. The dual-patented formula contains 10 exclusive ingredients that deliver nail health, wear and shine.



Ella + Mila


Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after nail polishes, this line of lacquer was born from the simple idea of creating an eco-friendly yet high-end product. Initially inspired by the twin daughters (darlingly named Ella and Mila) of one of the founders, the luxury brand took sail. ella+mila releases a new collection of lacquer every couple months, promising on-trend high-fashion shades and prompting many “FINALLY! The color I’ve been looking for!”