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Inna Organic Focuses on Three Collagen-Centered Botanicals to Rescue Sensitive Skin

By October 18, 2021No Comments

By: Caitlin Stiles

The Taiwanese skincare brand Inna Organic has already done plenty to make waves in the industry. They’re in the NYC Allure store with other top brands. They have some of the first (and viral) organic sheet masks. They’re double certified with EWG and COSMOS. Now, with their Botanical Trio Ultra-Soothing Collection, they’re turning the world’s attention to star ingredients that bring their own super powers to the table, with one common theme.

Extracts from sea grapes, sea chamomile, and snow mushroom extract are the primary focus of this new sensitive skin line with no essential oils. The repair and treatment of our skin’s collagen is essential for all of us, but especially those with sensitive skin. After all, how can we address redness and irritation if the foundation of our skin is compromised? All three of these ingredients work together as a boost to collagen, which heals and restores our skin, while bringing other benefits of their own.

Inna Organic

1) Sea Grapes

Sea grapes, also known as green caviar, is a type of algae that looks like – you guessed it – grapes. Inna Organic sources this ingredient from Hualien City, Taiwan, and it’s rich in essential, omega fatty acids and protein. It also boasts high amounts vitamins A and C, a plethora of minerals, and amino acids that all work together in a way that ultimately plumps and evens out skin tone, a clear sign of collagen repair. It also aids in water retention and moisturizes the skin, so if you’re thinking glow after reading this, you’re right.

Inna Organic

2) Sea Chamomile

Sea chamomile grows on dunes near the sea. This is the anti-aging workhorse of the three: it boasts powerful antioxidants and micro minerals in order to address our wrinkles and dark spots in a gentle way. Most anti-aging products are brutal on delicate skin, but this extract makes an exception. This is because it stimulates collagen production, and soothes irritated skin while moisturizing and improving texture.

Inna Organic

3) Snow Mushroom

We have discussed how snow mushroom extract is “nature’s answer to collagen” before, and its ability to round out the skincare line is through hydration and reparation. What’s remarkable about it is its ability to imitate hyaluronic acid, which literally bonds water to your skin. What’s more, snow mushroom extract even has an easier time penetrating the skin than hyaluronic acid does. It’s rounded with vitamins A, C, and D as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Collagen repair and treatment is something the snow mushroom does naturally. Inna Organic sources snow mushrooms sustainably from Nantou County.

With these incredible botanicals in their new line, Inna Organic has impressed once again with intricate and detailed knowledge of what’s best for all skin types. No matter your skin type, you’re in safe hands with Inna Organic, and we are excited to see what other skin answers they come up with. The Botanical Trio Ultra-Soothing line is available on their website.