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Inna Organic Launches A Sensitive Skin Line With Exquisite Ingredients, Including Snow Mushroom Extract

By October 12, 2021No Comments

By: Caitlin Stiles

Sensitive skin has it rough, especially these days. It’s like we’re under attack from all angles: masks, sun exposure, pollution, stress, and so much more. The last thing we want to worry about is what we’re putting on our skin to address our problems, but we need to, because often skincare is full of chemicals and other nasty things that will trigger sensitivities.

Inna Organic, a skincare company founded in Taiwan and now sold in the new Allure store, already knows a thing or two about sensitive skin. The founder Cecily Pan’s son was diagnosed with a rare form of eczema, which inspired the brand’s founding. This doesn’t mean they’re done finding the best for sensitive skin, either: they launched the Botanical Trio Ultra-Soothing line, focusing on extracts instead of essential oils, like they do for most of their products. For some sensitive skin types, after all, essential oil is considered an irritant.

The Sensitive Skin Set takes us back to basics: the Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Face Lotion, the Pure Moisturizing Body Lotion, and, of course, the Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Facial Mask (their face masks put Inna Organic on the radar to begin with!). Along with no essential oils, there are no fragrances or parabens, and they feature three super gentle botanicals. Sea chamomile and sea grapes help round out the ingredient list, but the star of the show is the snow mushroom extract found in this set.

Snow mushroom is an incredible ingredient that is “the mushroom’s answer to collagen.” Collagen is something that all skin types covet, for its incredible ability to repair and heal skin. Unfortunately, there is no vegan substitute to collagen – yet – but this mushroom comes pretty close. It has the power to do some serious reparations and hydration for damaged skin. The mushroom even looks gentle and elaborate: no wonder it does serious work on inflamed skin! To boot, Inna Organic ensures that the extract from snow mushrooms is sustainably and ethically sourced, all from Nantou County.

This sensitive skin set is available for sale on their website, and can be bought as a discounted bundle. No need to worry about fussy skin!