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By Hannah Muehlberger

Minnie Driver at Ulta Beauty in Westwood Villiage, California


On Tuesday, July 19th, renowned actress and author Minnie Driver, best known for her roles in Good Will Hunting, Return to Me, Circle of Friends, and more, partnered with Joico to celebrate their newest launch, YouthLock haircare collection, at the Ulta Beauty in Westwood Village, California by getting a special blowout by Joico Global Brand Ambassador, Larisa Love. Along with the launch, Minnie chatted through details on her recently released memoir, Managing Expectations, which includes a collection of personal essays that chronicles her life growing up, as well as her unconventional career path. Driver was treated to a special blowout by Brand Ambassador, Larisa Love, with

Driver with Joico Global Brand Ambassador, Larisa Love.

Joico’s new collection YouthLock Treatment Masque, Shampoo, and Blowout Cream. With YouthLock, beautiful hair is ageless. This truly transformative collection recaptures youthful bounce, shine, and manageability; while locking in strong, lustrous hair. Formulated with collagen, this fab foursome is a breath of fresh (h)air for mature, tired tresses! The benefits of YouthLock also include softening dry, brittle hair without weighing it down, boosting shine, reducing frizz, and reducing hair fall during hair brushing. Joico’s new YouthLock collection includes collagen which is known to support healthy skin and hair, it also helps restore strength and elasticity to strands for healthy, youthful-looking hair. The collection is bond-building, paraben-free, and sulfate-free and helps your hair become strong and shiny.


Minnie posing with her new memoir “Managing Expectation”

Minnie Driver’s memoir includes titillating moments in her acting career, including landing her role in Good Will Hunting, dating her co-star Matt Damon, as well as recalling an appalling conversation with Harvey Weinstein early in her career. In an article by USA Today, Driver’s book mentions moments in her childhood being “frustrated at her parents’ split, chafing at their new partners and seeking escape. Sometimes those escapes were metaphorical retreats into singing and acting”. According to the USA Today review of her book, “the fiercest writing in ‘Managing Expectations’ is in its concluding chapter about her mother, fashion designer Gaynor Churchward, who died last year following a cancer diagnosis. Driver weaves her interactions with her mother and family with a slow-growing fury at the noise the rain makes on the hospital’s plastic skylight, ‘the gentrified tarpaulin they thought fit to serve as a roof.’” Voted Memoir of the Year by Marie Clarie, Driver’s book offers an intimate look at her unconventional life that shows you the ups and downs of life, and the people and moments that make it worth it. Minnie Driver’s special hair treatment with YouthLock is perfect for anyone who wants their hair to stay as vibrant and youthful as their spirit!


You can buy the set Minnie Driver used as a part of Joico’s YouthLock Collection on or at Ulta here.